The Australian Shepherd Annual


The Australian Shepherd Annual



The Australian Shepherd Annual - '91, '93, '94, '96, '97, '98, '99, '00, '02,
'03, '04, '06, '07, '08, '09, '10, '11
@ $50 + $8 s&h U.S. (+$15 Canada; +$22 Foreign)



Interviews Steve & Anne Shope, Lois George
Greats from the Past Ch. Calais Outa Options of Carolina STDs
Special Features The Decision Tree a Tool for Better Learning by C.A. Sharp, A Man for Joe by Shirley Uphouse, Urban Herding with Balls by Bev Hurst, Trailing Stockdogs: You Have to Start Somewhere by Tom Morarre, The Winter of Our Discontent by Nancy Gagnon, Test Your Judging IQ by Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor, For the Love of Aussies by Linda Whyman, A Grand Campaign by Donna Puttock, Tracking and Managing Tracking Starts by Anne Hershey, Aussie Potpourri by Ernie Hartnagle and J. Hartnagle-Taylor.





Interviews Terry Martin, Linda Kager
Greats from the Past Ch. Bayshore's Russian Roulette, Ch. Kaleidoscope Stone Ravenwynd CD, Ch. Silverledge Slide Me Five
Special Features Power Tools by C.A. Sharp, The Smell of Lavender: Just Keep Going by Elizabeth M. Jarrell, Working Girls United by Nicki Kennedy and Kris Toft, How Training Cann Fall Apart! by Kristi Cetrulo, Australian Shepherd Memorialized in Bronze by Kris Toft, The Sheep Escapade by Tom Morarre, Sonny Madonna and the Poodle Rock by Jim Madonna, Play and Training by Donna Puttock, A Tribute to a Special Dog by Nancy Gagnon, Disc Dogging 101 by Bev Hurst, Q & A with Susan Reggie Moorehead by Elizabeth Jarrell, Sheep Ranching on the Open Range gy Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor, At the Garden 2010, Book Review by Elsie Rhodes, Jay Sister - a Life With Dogs by Joeane Joy Hartnagle-Taylor, Rubi and Star Pass Four TDX Tests by Donna Highstreet.





Interviews Betty Nelson, Nancy Gagnon, NNE Calmes
Greats from the Past HC WTCH Oxford's Git Rite Western Swing, AKC/ASCA Ch. Showtime's Sir Prize ASCA CD.
Special Features Away to the Circus by Elizabeth M. Jarrell, Bonnie Jo CD, RN - A Rescue Story by Sheri Born, The Ultimate Challenge by Jeanne-Joy Hartnagle-Taylor, "Performance Plus" Australian Shepherds by Bev Hurst, Training Aussies for Search and Rescue by Cheryl Oetting, Behind the scenes at Westminster by Cjor Hjort, Australian Shepherds: Looking Back by E. Hartnagle & J. Taylor, Muddy Waters by C.A.Sharp, Back to the Obedience Rings by Donna Puttock, "Mini" No More by Kris Toft, ASCA Herding Portfolio by Linda Gray, In Dogs We Trust by Deidre E. Gannon, Aussie Purpose by Kris Toft, Autoimmune Disease by Dr. Joanne Reichertz.





Interviews Debbie Partridge St. Jacques, Alison Smith
Greats from the Past Ch. Marquis Sun-Up Sarah McMatt, Newman's Blue Spring CD
Special Features Aussie Timeline by Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor, Living with Doc - an Australian Champion by Donna Puttock, Coeboy Artist Capture Aussie Essence by Kris Toft, Ever After by Elizabeth M. Jarrell, Prostrate Cancer - the Hidden Killer by Barbara Lee Williams, The Accidental Career by Casey Masterson Newman, Poet's Corner by Lois Linton, The History of Aussies and the Sjpanish Shepherd Dog by J. Hartnagle-Taylor and E. Hartnagle, The Cataract Conundrum by C.A. Sharp, All About Aussies Blog by Heanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor, Annie, Mr. Oliver and the Baby Bunny by Elizabeth M. Jarrell, What Judges Owe Exhibitors by Dan Fleitas, It's a Cruel, Cruel World by Trudy Sample, A Dog Named Bob by Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor.





Interviews Donna Doubler, Elsie Rhodes
Greats from the Past Ch. Jubilee's Plain Brown Wrappewr CD HOF
The Artist's Eye Paula Waterman
Special Features The Great Escape - Canine Version! by Sarah Dodds, How to Care for Your Pets from the Hereafter by Sunny Weber, Murphy's On a Mission! by Lisa Pattison, Origin and History of Australian Shepherds by J. Hartnagle-Taylor, Screening Puppy Buyers by Rosemary Teel, Mike Ryan, One of ASCA's Best Kept Secrets by Earnest Hartnagle & Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor, Stockdog Committee by Roy Sage, Canine Genetic Counseling by C.A. Sharp, Joe by Shirley Uphouse, Dr. Weldon Heard by E. Hartnagle & J. Hartnagle-Taylor, Finding "Doc" by Donna Puttock, ASCA Highlights, Tracking by Anne Hershey, Canine Genetic Disease by George A. Padgett DVM, Early Australian Shepherd People of Interest, Golden Jubilee Presentation, This & That by Carol Hartnagle & J. Hartnagle-Taylor.





Interviews Marti Parrish, Wanda Robertson
Greats from the Past Ch. Jubilee's Hostile Take Over
Special Features Joseph Hartnagle Memorial, Brave New World by C.A. Sharp, Find It by Rosemary Teel, Whelp to STCH by Mark Hodges, Choosing the Right Australian Shepherd Puppy by Donna Puttock, For the Fun of Aussies by Wanda Robertson, What I Learned from Miles about Life and Love by Sunny Weber, History of the Australian Shepherd by Marylandf Little, The Spider Web by Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor, The Walt Lamar Story by E. Hartnagle A&& J. Hartnagle-Taylor, One Small Puppy by Shirley Uphouse, Who Knew? by Elizabeth M. Jarrell, Carrying on the Tradition by E. Hartnagle and Jo. Hartnagle-Taylor, Tracking by Anne Hershey, Presenting the Stockdogs to the World by Peggy Potter.





Interviews Kathy Warren, Becky de Leon
Special Features A Study in Breeding Working Dogs by Peggy Potter, An Interview with Debbie Mills by Elizabeth M. Jarrell, The Odd Couple by Barbara Gale, Tracking Field Notes #8 by Ann Hershey, Miles, Me and Laryngeal Paralysis vy Sunny Weber, ASCA During the Early Years by Jeaqnne Joy Hartnagel Taylor and Ernest Hartnagel, Behind the Scenes at Westminster 2004 by Carol Hjort, What the AKC Canine Health Foundation Offers by C.A. Sharp, Find It by Rosemary Teel, Selecting a Suitable Sire by Maria Clecak, History of the Aussie Breed by Maryland Little.





Interviews Georjean Hertzwig, Ann Atkinson
The Artist's Eye Georgean Hertzwig
Greats from the Past Windmill's Sweet Roxanne CDX, Windmill's Sure I'm Sweet HOF, Ch. Sweet Confections of Didgeridu, Goodness Gracious of Windmill
Special Features An Unfortunate Turn of Events by Anita Simon-Laycock, Meant to Be by Tanya Barker, Guinness, the Goofy Crowd-Pleasing Dog by Jill Teer, Shadow and the Shower by Barbara Gale, The Trial of Trials by Mark A. Hodges, Crufts Firsthand by Kris Toft, The Blue Streak by Shirley Uphouse, Canine Epilepsy by C.A. Sharp, Indroduction of Aussies by Les Mathieson, Cavaletti by Rosemary Teel, Tracking Field Notes #7 by Anne Hershey, An Interview with Flo McDaniels by Elizabeth Jarrell.





Interviews J. Frank Baylis and Audrey Klarer and Sherry Baker
Rankings Obedience, Top Breeders, Top Producers
Greats from the Past ASCA Ch. Moorehead's Banji Reta UD, CGC
Special Features Tag, You're It by Rosemary Teel, Dinki Di Comes to the Rescue by Stephanie Gibson, In Pursuit of Woolie by Shirley Uphouse, Calvin Is Missing by Sheri Born, The Times They Are a'Changin' by Diane Huismans, Season of the WTCH by Mark Hodges, Be Proactive with Your Dog's Medical Care by Sunny Weber, Repossessing Your Dog! by Les Mathieson, What's the Cat Got by Mindy Smith, Cassies's Clone by Barbara Gale, Useful Science 2001 by Kylie Munyard, The Rising Storm by C.A. Sharp, Getting Started Tracking by Anne Hershey, Calculating the Aging Process by Dr. Carmen Battaglia





Interviews Sunday Miles, Judy Norris
Greats from the Past WT Ch. Judd's Chickasaw Dan, Ch. Sakonnet's American Revolution CD, WT Ch. Windsong's Imagine RTSs, PATDs
Rankings Conformation, top breeders, top producers, and who puts up what, obedience
Special features What Good Is Science? by Dr. Kylie Munyard, The Biggest Problem by C.A. Sharp, Why Do Dogs Eat Grass? by Rosemary Teel, Listen Up! Winning Is the Least of What You Do by Mindy Smith, Tales of Dogs with no Tails by Barbara Gale, The ABC's of Tracking by Nan Cochrane and Anne Hershey, An Interview with Karen Allen by Elizabeth Jarrell, Breed Survey: Concept to Reality by Linda Whyman, Spotlighting the Judge with Dany Canino by B.A. Miller, Behind the Scenes at Westminster by Carol Hjort.




Interviews Charlene Benjamin, The Hartnagles
Greats from the Past Rowe's Commanche Warrior
Rankings Conformation, top breeders, top producers, and who puts up what
Special features Getting Started by The Hartnagles, The Dirt We Have with Us Always by Rosemary Teel, The Tattletail(less) Dog by Mindy Smith, A Few Good Days by Melanie Snyder Block, Love on Four Paws by Liz Palika, Things Are Different Here, or Are They? by Diane Huismans, Kodi's Wild Ride by Sandra Katzen, Wanted! by Elizabeth Jarrel, An Aussie for a West Aussie by Kyle Munyard, Nellie's Story ... and Mine, Too by Anita Laycock, The Dirty Dozen Plus a Few by C.A. Sharp, 4-H Experience a Springboard by Sheri Born, Very Bad Things by Maggie Whitaker, Sheep 101 by Melanie Snyder Block, Poet's Corner by Sunny Weber.





Interviews Herbert & Stephanie Chilton, Richard Pittman
Greats from the Past Woods Jay and Woods Stubbie
Rankings Conformation, obedience, top breeders, top producers, and who puts up what
Special features Show vs. Function by Kris Toft, Bitch Power by Melanie Snyder-Block, The Development of ASCA's Agility Program by L. Kirk and Mary M. Finley, Lost and Found by Maggie Whitaker, The Stockdog's Job Description by Melanie Snyder-Block, Four Aussies and a Baby by Meredith Lunn, Why Belong to a Dog Club? by Gemini Sasson-Brickson, A Simple Twist of Fate by Marie Murphy, They Came as a Pair by Melanie K. Magamoll, SAR Aussie among Elite in FEMA Ranks by Sheila W. Boneham PhD, The Ups and Downs of Hip Certification by Sandra Cornwell, Aussie Breeding Programs Worldwide by Angie Challenger and Gun Markert, A Classic Case of Testosterone Poisoning by Rosemary Teel, Dogs and Children by Sunny Weber.





Interviews Linda Wilson, Sandy Cornwell
Greats from the Past Ch. Las Rocosa Shiloh, Hartnagle's Hud, Hartnagle's Fritzie Taylor
Rankings Conformation, obedience, top breeders, top producers, and who puts up what
Special features Most Versatile Aussie by Nick Davis, The Trials and Tribulations of Duck Herding by Marie Murphy, The Australian Shepherd in the Netherlands by Diane Husmans, My Buddy, "Blue" by Maggie Avery, Dog Lives on Farm = Famr Dog by Melanie Snyder Block, Ruby's Riches by Diane Saltzman, Lucky by Maggie E. Avery, It Was East to Catch Aussie Fever by C.J. Calkins, Westminster - The Rich and Famous by Sandra Balfe, Aggressive "Friendliness" by Kris Toft, A Second Chance for Dee Dee by Melanie Magamoll, Delving in toe Aussie Standard by Vicki Mistretta, Good Samaritans by Sheila Webster Boncham, The Beauty of Bacy by M. Wahl, K-9 Therapist of Duty by M. Suzanne Sims, Greatness in a Producing Dog by Patrick Ormos, Who Will Care for Your Dogs? by Sheila Webster Boneham, The Urban Cowdog by Gemini Sasson-Brickson, Chasing Perfection by Gemini Sasson-Brickson, Behavior Problem or Just a Dog Thing? by Sunny Webber, Spotlighting the Judge with Carol LIepmann by B.A. (Bart) Miller


Interviews Jonna Cole, Gary & Mary Hawley
Greats from the Past Ch. Slash V Little Rock CD, Slash V. Buckeye Bobby, Ch. Timberwood's Emily Remembered
Rankings Conformation, obedience, top breeders, top producers
Special Features Back to Basics by J. Hartnagle-Taylor, Children of the Sun(flowers) by Glenda Stephenson, The Teeth and Jaw by C. Mistretta, "Free to a Good Home" by S. Nassef, Aussies in Color by Kris Toft, The Adventures of Adam by M.S. Sims, The National Frisbee Championships by Mary Mynaugh, Looks like a Workin' Dog by Gemini Sasson-Brikcson, A Breed with a Heritage by S. Miles, Aussies Employed as Explosives Detecting Canines by John G. O'Shea and E. Sid Bingley, A Special Tribute to "All That Jazz" by Michele Carrigan, The Virtual Dog Show by A. DeChant, My Name Is Bear by M. Magamoll, Help Takes the Bite Out by M. Lunn, Figuring Achestry Pedigrees by Melanie Snyder Block, Business or Pleasure? by Sheree Ashley-Sanchez, Pup-cicles: Shipping Fresh Chilled Semen by Chris H. Rolf DVM, To Be or Not to Be ... A Foster Parent by Sunny Weber, DNA - A Basic Lookat What It's All About by Chris H. Rolf DVM and Diane Saltzman, The Joy and Love of the White Dog by Cheri Taylor and Travelin' Dog by Melanie Snyder.




Interviews Beth A. Alden, Vicki Mistretta
Rankings Conformation, obedience, top breeders, top producers, ASCA conformation, ASCA Super Dog, ASCA stockdog, ASCA obedience
Special Features The National, The Judges' Choice, Q & A, The Point of the Standards by Sandra Cornwell
Where's My Family? by Melanie K. Magamoll, Aussies in British Columbia by Airlie Ogilvie, Temperament Reigns Supreme by Stephanie Smith, The Confession Fad by Kris Toft, Thinking of the Dogs by Katie Asling
Aussie Named All-American by Kris Toft, Mitche's Story by Michele Carrigan, Seiko by Jim Sjoberg, 1995-96 Jr. Showmanship Points, The Smallest Unit of Selection by Judi Elford, Aussies in Sled Dog Country by C. Schroeder and K. Vickery, What Herding Instinct Isn't by Kris Toft, Love and the Pooper-Scooper by Suellen Kelly, Elements of Successful Breeding by Gemini Sasson-Brickson, Heeling Happy by Mira Jilbert
Where Does the Time Go? by Beverly Anderson, CKC Registration for Aussies by Mary Stewart, Early Neurological Stimulation by Carmen L. Battaglia, Two Views of an Eye Problem by D. Craig and C.A. Sharp
The AVID Micro Chip by Chris Rolf, Abject Failure by Jeff Kempe, Consider the Lilies by P. Fleshman, Why Are People Getting Rid of Their Aussies? by Trish Whitley

1995 (sold out)

Interviews Toni Viola Pearson, Jean Taylor
Rankings Conformation, Obedience, Top Breeders and Top Producers
Greats of the Past Ch. Ebony Eyes of Fireslide, WTCH Windsong's Shenanigan
Special Features PennHip by Kathy Kemper, The Australian Shepherd in Canada by Cindy Ghent, Aussies in England by M. Beastall, The Australian Shepherd Down Under by Pauline Rowbury, The Other Obedience by E. Krokosz, So, Exactly What Is Epilepsy by Gemini Sasson-Brickson, No More Docking? by Kris Toft
First Aussies in England by Lanell Jueckstock, The Use of Garbage Can Lids? by Nanci Takash, Aussies in Canada by D. Kishineff, How Does a Dog Track? by Susane Berman, Debbie - A Search and Rescue Dog in Sweden by Eva Skogh, From Rags to Riches by Melanie Magamoll, "Back" to Australia by L. Mathieson
Australian Shepherds in Sweden by Ewa Skogh, ASCA Super Dogs by Gail Karamalegos, The Story of Jewel, Therapy Dog by Robin Quasebarth, The Australian Show Scene: Breed Judging by Pauline Rowbury
Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia by Patricia Schenck DVM, Managing the Whelping by Jean Lazarus
For Hanna by Elizabeth Clark, Spotlight on Anne Rogers Clark by B.A. (Bart) Miller, Responsible Dog Ownership by Judy Kovitch, Improving Conception Rates by Diann Sullivan, ACSA Hall of Fame, Communcating with Dogs by Ellen Dresselhuis, Crufts 1995 by Sherry E. Wallis, The Art of Mooching by T. Bouyet, Rescue by Tina Thomas Smith


Interviews Sue Foster, Lori Middleton
Judge's Spotlight Victoria Mistretta, Jeanne Weaver, Leslie Sorenson and Charlene Benjamin
Greats of the Past Las Rocosa Lester, George's Red Rustler, Ch. Ragtime Sabre of Timberline CD, V. Ch. Casa Buena Kameo CDX
Special Features The Aussie Gene Pool by Red Oliver, The Ostrich Syndrome by C.A. Sharp, Correct Breed Type in the Aussie by Sandy Cornwell, Feelts Don't Fail Me Now J. Taylor, Breeder Knows Best by Kris Toft, USASA Herding Trial, The Working Aussie by D. Mackenzie, Milestones with Mel by M. Block
The "Rare" White Australian Shepherd by J. Taylor, Things to Think About by M. Jean Mitchell, Get Help, Don't Give Up by A. Bear, Rules Quiz by Sherry Wallis, The Dog Expert by Virginia Devaney, Unusual Characteristics by Victoria Mistretta, The OFA Registry Hip Evaluation Standard by E.A. Corley DVM, Obedience by L. Drouin and K. Henderson, Recovering Lost or Stolen Pets by Toni Viola-Pearson, ASOT Methodology by Ellen Dresselhuis, Bucky, the Herd Dog by C. Crowell, Socialization of Puppies by Nanci E. Takash, Dogs & Diet, Clint and Kayla by M.S. Block, An Interview with Derek Rayne by B.A. (Bart) Miller, Change Is Difficult by G. McDonald, Aussies by J. Taylor, Deadly Diarrhea by Connie Brunkow DVM
Stop, Drop and Roll by P. Strupp, For Whom the Belt Tolls by Jan Warren, Contracts by Cherie Starr, Disabled Handlers by S. Smith


Interviews Alan and Kathy McCorklem Sharon and Jerry Rowe
Greats of the Past Ch. Copper Canyons Caligari CD, Ch. Hall's Fieldmaster of Flintridge, Ch. Aristocrat's Once Ina Blue Moon, Ch. Viola's Miss Demeanor CD
SVCH Apache Tears of Timberline TD
Special Features ASCA National, The National, The Australian Shepherd, ASCA Titles by Nick Davis, The Aussie Breed Standard , Clarification of Terminologies by Sandra Cornwell, Wow We Met the Old Welsh Bob Tail by Ann DeChant, The Ultimate Challenge by J.J. Hartnagle-Taylor, "Don't It Make Your Brown Eyes Blue?" by Melanie Snyder Block, Herding Convicted Felons by Dan Caddell, Herding in Four Easy Steps by Melanie Snyder Block, The Whelping Box by Marie Murphy, Heartworm Awareness Aussie Style by Diane Saltzman, Training by M. Jean Mitchell, Feed for Effective Training by Rosemary Teel, Pyrenean Shepherds, A Missing Link? by Ann DeChant, Starting Your Puppy on Stock by Melanie Snyder Block, Teaching the Aussie to be a Working Cowdog by J.J. Hartnagle-Taylor, Fundamental Aspects of a Standard by Sandra Cornwell, The ASCA Stockdog Program by Keith Warren, Advances in the Standards of the Stockdog Program by Red Oliver, Go Take a Flying Trot! by Charlene Benjamin, "Primarily a Working Dog ..." by Jeanne Weaver, Admiration for the Working Dog by Cee Hambo, A Job Well Done by Rosemary Teel, Getting in Tune with Your Stockdog by Melanie Snyder Block, Training the Ranch Dog by Bud Williams, Spinal Anomalies in Dogs by Anders Hallgren, Canine Economics: Soften the Tax Bite by Paul G. Grosscup CPA, Country Medicine by Elsie M. Chadwick, Health and Welfare by Bonnie Nichols. Preparing for Emergencies by Jerry Ball, A Dog Breeder's Herbal by Pamela Mifsud, Book Review by Denis Ferentinos and Mary Wiley Matheson