The English Cocker Annual

The English Cockeer Annual

The English Cocker Annual - '01, '02, '03, '04, ;06, '08, '09, '10
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Interviews Karen Spurlin, Debbie Campbell
Greats from the Past Am. Can. Ch. Pennwood Sunshine Majick CGC WDX JH UD ECM, Ch. Bellflower Maybe Marvelous ECM
Special Features
What Game Are We Playing Now? by Darin Cox, Versatility by Amy Kluth, A Tale of First Love - Daniel's Story by Jean Sheffield, An "Alternate" Color by Faith Sisk, Breeders - Past, Present and Future by Lynda Gall, Back to the Field by Karen Fremuth, Cocker Spaniels: English vs. American by Vickie Umpleby, Behind the Scenes at Westminster by Carol Hjort.


Interviews Virginia Lyne Jan Fleming
Greats from the Past Ch. Giralda's Venture
Special Features
Rosie: That One Special Dog by Sharon Spellman, A Walk Down Memory Lane by Cheri Cowley, Genetics of Color in the English Cocker by Karen Fremuth, The Arthur Episodes by Connie Sabroske, ECA Photofolio, Judging English Cockers by Lynda Gall, A Special Journey, a Year to Cherish by Katie Horan, The English Cockers of Surry by Beth McKinney, Remembering Annie, A Season for Puppies by Faith Sisk.


Interviews Addi Pittman, Linda Dobbins
Greats from the Past Ch. Surrey On Time Morse Code
Special Features
A Look Back, by Shakespeare at the Kennels, Standarss by Karen Fremuth, Nature's Little Mirales by Cconnier Sabroske, Your Working Dog's Life by Jorn Oleby, Tracking Genetic Advances, Improve My Breeding Program? Why? by Faith Sisk, English Cocker Spaniel Care by Cathy Ann Litwin, Keeping in Touch by Lori Chapek-Carleton, Zoonoti Disases in Dogs by Trudy Sample, What Is Dual Purpose? by Karen Fremuth, DNA - A Three-Part Series by Dr. Camen Battaglia, History of the EC in the United States by Beth McKinney, Potentially Dangeeous Animal Owners by Linda D. Witouski, Dog Foodo - The Good, the Bad,, and the Ugly by Charlie Tolkien.


Interviews Ruth Heston, Lauren Sorrentino
Greats from the Past Am. Can Ch. Canterbury Golden Gait CD, ECM.
Special Features
My First English Cocker by Connie Sabroske, A Foray into the Field by Katie Horan, Potty and Crate Training by Denise Ackley, A Short Story by Faith Sisk.


Interviews Lesley Andrews, Colleen Schlesinger & Brititte Keniston
Behind the Scenes at Westminster
Spotlighting the Judges
Carl & Rosalie Anderson
Greats from the Past Ch. Blackmoor Beaconblaze of Giralda CDX
Special Features
In Memoriam: Frances Louis Shattuck by Reverend Robert Ginn, What Judges Owe Exhibitors by Dan Fleitas, Preference or Prejudice by Betty Jane Cline, Glen Oaks/Peckels, Cultivating Desire in Sporting Dogs Canine Hypothyroidism by Patricia Schenck DVM, The Spiritual Side of Dogs by Faith Sisk & Megan Cuthrell, Timing, Body English, Reading Your Dog by Lori Nickeson, Our First Female ECM by Nancy Buettner.


Interviews Tracey Deyette, Marsha Wallace
Greats from the Past Ch. Darcy's JJ of Malagold CD ECM
Special Features
Treasurers by Nancy Buettner, Leptospirosis by Patricia Schenck, My Little Margie by Connie Sabroske, Retraining the Ring Doured Dog by Faith Sisk, Owen by Connie Sabroske, 2003 - The Year in Review byt Beth McKinney, How to Breed to Establish Youe Own Line by Nancy Praiswater, Grooming thr English Cocker Spaniel by Faith Sisk.


Interviews Beth Hendrick, Barbara Dzbinski
Obedience, top breeders, and top producers, agility
Greats from the Past Am. Can Bda. Ch. Braeside Belle Mount Spirit, Ch. Carachelle Centurion ECM, Ch. Marimac's Evening Shade, Eng. Sh. Ch. Am. Can. Bda. Ch. Kavora Lucia, Ch. Tarheel Caroline of Beowulf.
Special Features
Canine Genetic Disease by George A. Padgett DVM, Understanding Our Dogs by Melanie Schlaginhaufen, Veterinary Corner by Patricia Schenck DVM, My Little Maggie by Connie Sabroske, Training and Competing Multiple Dogs in Agility by Katie Horan, Owning Your Own Show Site by Dan Fleitas, A Look Back, Spotlighting the Judge with Carl Liepmann by B.A. Miller, So You Think You Want to Steward by Melanie Harwood.


Interviews Susan Cascio, Pat Janzen
Conformation, obedience, top breeders, and top producers, agility
Special Features
2001 - The Year in Review by Beth McKinney, Dog Show Terms Explained! by Babs Land, The Artist's Eye by Hannelore Brown, A Lesson in Humility, or Life with the Beam by Katie Horan, The Name Game by Babs Land, Recipes for Dogs by Faith Cuthrell Sisk, Canine Genetic Disease by George A. Padgett DVM, Breeding for a Versatile Dog by Lauren A. Sorrentino, Spotlighting the Judge with Howard Yost by B.A. "Bart" Miller, Considerations for Show Giving Clubs by Judy English Murray.