The Norwegian Elkhound Annual


The Norwegian Elkhound Annual

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The Norwegian Elkhound Annual - '96, '97, '98, '00, '01, '02, '03, '04, '06, '07 available
@ $50 + $8 s&h U.S. (+$15 Canada; +$22 Foreign)




Interviews Virginia Sawyer, Dorothy & Gordon Wallace, Kari Olson
Top Dogs Kari Olson
Special Features Journey to Show by Cindy Gustafson, Velkommen till Poulsbo, Washington by Caroline J. Rose, Shadow, Our First Gray Friend by Steven Horton, York and Tuck's Excellent Adventure by Sarilyn Slaton, He Would Do Anything for Me by Kari Olson, International Cousins by Beverly C.S. Toomey, My Hawaiian Norwegian Elkhound by Annn Sutton Safety Inspectors by B. Toomey.





Interviews Pat Trotter, Margaret Williamson & Ron DeLozier
Rankings Agility, Obedience
Greats from the Past Multi Ch. Norelka's Cloak & Dagger CD, Ch. Ravenswood Smokey UDX3
Special Features Enhancements of the Elkhound Coat by Kathy Carter, Bonnet, You Never Quit by Steve Horton, Tricky Dog! by Marilyn Slaton, Transitions by Donna Joaodzinski, Elkhounds of Greece by Brenda Solomon, The Graying of the Breed by Robin Rhoden, Civic Duty by Beverly C.S. Toomey, "Ladies and Gentlemen, We Broke the Plane" by Leslie Forrest, Let's Rally by Brenda Solomon, Pet-Assisted Therapy by Donna Jagodzinski, The NEAA Donor Advised Fund by Leslie Forrest.





Interviews Maggie Mott & Sally Simmonds, Dee Holloway
Rankings Agility, Obedience
Greats from the Past Ch. Camalot Trulle's Spec'l Delite, Ch. Grayhund's Honna Memories
Special Features Animal Communication - Truth or Imagination? by Kari Olson, This and That by Kathy Carter, The Brenne Way by Kari Olson, Taste Testing by Beverly C. Sutton Toomey, Leader of the Pack by Lori Drouin & Kathy Henderson, Behind the Scenes at Westminster by Carol Hjort, Understanding the Proper Foot Care by Kathy Coffman, Where Will Your Pets Go? by Lori Chapek-Carleton, Be a Mentor - Be a Friend by Nancy Washburn.





Interviews Ray & Merle Beathard, Terri & Joan Brennan
Rankings Agility, Obedience
Greats from the Past Ch. Sunspot Vikrest Deep Trouble
Special Features The Artist's Eye, Spotlighting the Judge by Shannon Scheer, Canine Reproduction: An Interview with Sheri Beattie DVM by Robin Rhoden, NEAA Annual Awards 2002 by Kari Olson, The Impossible Dream by Mary Ann Anderson, Impi Conquers the Colorado River by Tracy Lorraine Smith, Loki's Story by Daniel R. Lawer DVM, Lap Puppy - "Spirit" Tells His Story by Susan Hamilton, Doring What Comes (Un) Naturally! by Jane Morris, Beautiful Bella by Maggie Long, Behind the Scenes at Westminster by Cajor Hjort, Introducing a Kitten to Your Elkhound by Kari Olson, T.E.A.M. by Beverly Sutton Toomey, Exhibitors and Judges by Dan Fleitas, DNA Research by Danniel R. Lawer DVM, The Ins and Outs of Urinalysis by Leslie Forrest, Getting Back in (Agility) Shape by Roberta A. Cutshall, Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone? by Nona Krena.




Interviews Rita Burson, Kay & Roger Bramson
Rankings Obedience, Top Breeders, Top Producers, Agility
Greats from the Past Ch. Bristlecone's Johnny Reb, Ch. Camalot's Total Celetration, Ch. SBIS Ch. Norelka's Special Edition
Special Features A September to Remember by Robin Rhoden, Denver Hosts the 2001 AKC Nationals by Tracy Lorraine Smith, Hot Spots by Kathy Carter, Gracies Goes to Disney World by Donna Jagodzinski, Moose-O-Mania by Kari Olson, The Rules of Seven by Susan Hamilton, Would You Like to Pet the Dogs? by Marilyn Slaton, Performance Titles in 2001 by Kari Olson, The Field Sports of the North of Europe by Charles Christiansen, Veterinary Corner by Dr. Joanne Reichertz DVM, Awe! by Beverly Sutton Toomey, Quality and the Dog Show by Frederic R. Cornell.





Interviews Elizabeth Sykes, Jeanne Smolley
Rankings Conformation, Obedience, Who Puts Up What, Top Breeders, Top Producers
Greats from the Past Ch. Asgaard's Time to Remember, Ch. Peer Gynt Tuff Act II Follow CD CGC, Ch. Peer Gynt's Bitabrit Show Biz CDX
Special Features Gracie by Donna Jagodzinski, A Word of Warning by Barbara Innes, Elkhound Tales - Tall or True? by Maggie Long, Hike! by Marilyn Slaton, Flying with or without Your Dog by Robin Rhoden, A Love Story by Henning Irgens, Substance Abuse (in the Dog Show Ring) by Susan Hamilton, The Barlestone Story: Vi Nichols by Anne Roslin Phillips, Helga's Taxi Ride by Beverly C. Sutton-Toomey, Preventing Family Dog Fights by Kari Olson, The Best of Times by Kathy Carter, "Orion" by Daniel R. Lawer DVM, The World's Greatest Dog Show by Sandra M. Balfe, Witch Hunt Mentality by Pat Gamsby, All of My Vacations Are Dog Shows by Kari Olson, Elkhounds & Polar Bears by kathy Carter, Poet's Corner, Health Issues, Behind the Scenes at Westminster by Carol Hjort.





Interviews Kathy & Buzz Carter, Rose & Frank Martino
Rankings Conformation, Obedience, Who Puts Up What, Top Breeders, Top Producers
Greats from the Past Ch. Vin-Melca's Last Call, Ch. Crafdal Thor Mhors Paulette UDT, Am. Can. Ch. Karin's Yogi Bear, Am. Can. Ch. Normark TNT Promise's Moose CD
Special Features Clenna Clark Crafts by Jane S. Morris, What about the Next 100 Years? by Steve Hewett, Skijoring with Your Elkhound by Tracy Lorraine Smith, The Loss of a Dear Friend by Sue Kaplan, Scarlett Speaks by Cynthhia Kraus, Norwegian Elkhounds as Sled Dogs by Marilyn Slaton, Trekking with a Viking by Charles C. Christiansen, AKC Tracking by Daniel R. Lawer DVM, Elkhounds I Have Known by Jane S. Morris, The Intruder by Jane S. Morris, A Personal Experience with Cancer by Barbarra Budny, Your Elkhounds Hunt What? by Donna Jogodzinski, So You Want to Raise Puppies by Susan Hamilton, "Old Elkie in Trouble," by Geralyn Richardson, Zany Ziggy
Comes to Town by Margaret Long, The "Look" by Robin Thoden, ACK Most Titled by Kari Olson, Hunting Elg in Norway by Rick Erickson, Heath Issues NEAA Canine Health & Research Committee, Try Something New - Try Tracking by Kari Olson, Crufts 2000, The Wonderful Elkhound by Julie Maund.





Interviews Bob & Ruth Ness, Dee Queen
Rankings Conformation, who puts up what, top breeders, top producers
Greats from the Past SBIS CAmalot's Rebel Yell, Ch. Camalot Tryste's Totally Hot
Special Features Westminster &shyp; the Rich and Famous by Sandra Balfe, Jump Start by Lori Drouin and Kathy Henderson, The Other Kennel Club by K. Olson, A Dog Crate Is Not Cruel! by Susan Hamilton, My Life with Elkhounds by Margaret Long, How to Build a Moose by K. Olson, Almost too Smart to Live With! by Charles C. Christiansen, A Look Back by Edward C. Ash, Home Security by Kari Olson, When Ribbons Are Too Expensive by Cyndi Kraus, The Not-So Dreaded Move by Kelly Modzelewski, Spotlighting the Judge with J. Council Parker by B.A. Miller, The Truth About Teething Puppies, Agility by Kari Olson, Potpourri by Susan Hamilton, Dual Chamption Elkhound by Ann Nowakowski, More Than Most, Less Than Some by Cyndi Kraus


Interviews Vicki and Bob Lawton & Dennis & Cecilia Frye
Rankings Conformation, obedience, top producers and top breeders
Greats from the Past Am. Can. Ch. Vikiro's Jenuine Jade, Ch. Ronan's Cupcake Prince, Ch. Camalot Ruff's Trogan av Bella, Ch. Camalot Bella's Trykk
Special Features Seeing Red by Susan Hamilton, I'd Rather Hunt Moose by K. Olson, Making Memories by S. Hamilton, Last Visit by Lexiann Grant, City Wise Country Bound by Cynthia Kraus, Skyggen's Saga by Steve Hewett, Training by Kari Olson, Elkhounds in Cyberspace by Lexiann Grant, Parenting by Kari Olson, Thoughts About Hip Dysplasia by Susan Hamilton, Doggerel by Susan Hamilton.


Interviews Bonnie Turner & Tom and Nona Krena
Rankings Conformation, obedience top producers and top breeders
Special Features For Hanna by Elizabeth Clark, Old Friends by D.M. Jagodzinski, Conformation Commentary by D.M. Jagodzinski, Heatstroke by Patricia Schenck, First Ten Years in the U.S. by Kari Olson, Canine Brucellosis by P. Schenck, An Australian Accent by S. Hamilton, Confessions of an Elkaholic by Donna Jagodzinski, Elkhound Conquers Baldy by Rick Erickson, Seiko by Jim Sjoberg, Managing the Whelping by Jean Lazarus, Giardia by Kathleen M. Harper, Coming Crisis in Pet Care by Faith Cuthrell, Problems with Shedding by C. Harris, Improving Conception Rates by Diann Sullivan, How to Predict Ovulation by Laurie A. Martin
Ode to a Dog by Coleman Nemerov, Legends of the Orient by Nancy Webb, The Art of Mooching by T. Bouyet, Bloat, OFA Registries, Norgwegian Accent by S. Hamilton, Bait Testing? by Alfred Treen, In Case You're Interested by Dan Fleitas, How to Lead the Pack, AVMA Animal Facts, Therapy Elkhounds by Kari Olson, CPR for Dogs by Evelyn Nelson, Hops Toxicity in Dogs by Edie Rehkopf, Spotlight on Sportsmanship by Kyle Covill, Junior Showmanship by Beverly Anderson