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Imgae: from Hutchinson's (England, circa 1935)

from Hutchinson's (England, circa 1935)


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Man's best friend goes back much farther than previously thought.

DNA research (see NEW SCIENTIST, June 21, 1997) indicates that dogs
diverged from wolves about 135,000 years ago - 120,000 years earlier than
previously thought. Carles Vila at UCLA examined the DNA sequences
of 140 dogs of 67 breeds, 162 wolves, 5 coyotes, and 12 jackals.
Wolves were the closest relatives and there are at least 4 distinct evolutionary
links tracing back to them. Estimates were based on measures of the rate of genetic
change in the DNA sequences. Dogs and man got together much earlier
than previously thought, before man settled down and started to grow crops.

From a German Natural History of 1650
Reprinted from Edward C. Ash's The Practical Dog Book (London, 1931)