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EIGHT OF A NOTED KENNEL. Mrs. I. H. Barr has a fine kennel of these
magnificent hounds near Dorking, in Surrey. Her little girl Jane is seen with a
handsome team of them. Irish Wolfhounds have sweet tempers.
They are also of the old type. Reprinted from Hutchinson's (England, circla 1935).
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"IRISH WOLFHOUNDS" from Hutchinson's Dog Encyclopaedia (England, circa 1935)
The Irish Wolfhound, nearly three feet in height, is the most powerful dog in the world. It's characteristics are strikingly portrayed in this study which was specifically painted for Hutchinson's Popular and Illustrated Dog Encyclopaedia by Nina Scott-Langley, the clever animal artist.
Reprints available - 8.5x11 laminated $20 + $5 s&h ($15 outside U.S.)



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