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The Affenpinscher was developed in Germany, probably during the 1600s. Its origins are unclear although many believe it is related to the Miniature Pinscher and a product of crosses with German wire-haired breeds. Its purpose was to hunt rats and other vermin and it has also been used to hunt quail and rabbits.
The personality of the Affenpinscher is one of quiet, serious devotion to its owner. Although small, it is a very sturdy dog. It is extremely intelligent and makes a good house pet. It can become excited when attacked and is fearless against an aggressor. Exercise may consist of walks once or twice per day and/or free exercise in a secure area.
The size of this breed ranges from a weight of seven to eight pounds and a height from ten to twelve inches. The head should be round with a domed skull. The jaw is slightly undershot but teeth should never show when the mouth is closed. The coat is wiry, course and dense and although predominantly seen in black, other colors might include black and tan, red, gray or other mixtures. The coat is shaggy on the legs and around the head. Due to its bush eyebrows and prominent shaggy mustache and beard hair, this breed is often referred to as the Monkey Dog. The coat should be brushed two to three times per week. The eyes are large and dark. The ears are small, set high, and maybe clipped to a point. The tail is often docked. of Houston, TX writes:

A little of everything!
As the mom to two Affens (and a mutt), I have two completely different reviews. My little boy (seven years in May) is stubborn, less than brilliant, a little pig, kinda grumpy, but absolutely the cutest little monkey that you have ever seen. My description may sound as if I am not fond of the breed &shyp; not so. I adore my little man. So much so that I adopted a little girl in July (or should I say a big girl since she is thirteen pounds). She is the exact opposite of my little boy. She is sunny, bright, funny, silly, cute and has an incredibly sweet disposition. No serious health problems with either &shyp; minor eye problems with my male. A delightful breed that you won't be able to resist. I don't think that I will ever be without one in my life. An Affen will bring so much fun into your home, you will be wanting another. of Kerrville, TX writes:

Comedians of the canine species.
Affens are charming, comical, sometimes demanding, yet ever faithful and loving companions. They can be brave to the point of rashness, as they dash face-first between you and the perceived threat, i.e., a Doberman out for an evening stroll with his owner, etc. Yet he will cower at the sound of a pot falling from a shelf in the kitchen. Moments later, when they are sure the pot is dead (and no longer a threat), they rush into the kitchen barking, just to make sure it stays dead. The Affen is most unique in the way he views life. They can be a wee bit self-serving and manipulative. But feel that all's fair when training humans to do their bidding. They get along well with cats, birds, and even most children (provided they are well-behaved, good-natured children). Grooming for the breed can be easily mastered by a novice, and does not require fancy equipment. The breed is long-lived, clean, has fewer health problems than a majority of more popular Toy breeds, sheds little, and gives back all the love you invest in them, with interest. of Massachusetts writes on 11/22/00:

Awesome companion.
I have a black Affenpinscher who is 11 years old and she is a great pal and an incredible dog. The only problems I have ever had with her is she keeps having problems with her left leg. My mom has an Affenpinscher and he has had a slipped disk. but other than that they have been great! of Poland writes on 4/12/00:

Sweet and lovely.
I love their personality, their sweet faces, their small noses and beautiful, loving eyes watching me from early morning to late evening. Some people say that they look like little devils, but I have never heard about such sweet "devils" - full of love and loyality, understanding and playful. The sweetest and cutest dogs I have ever had!

name withheld by request of Dandridge, TN writes on 1/13/00:

Lion-heartedly loyal.
I have been owned by "Snickerdoodles" for 8 years. She is a red Affenpinscher and is a wonderful companion. If you are looking for loyality, no need to look any further. She is an excellent watch dog, and would give her life to protect her owner. She came from a puppy mill and was rescued by a breeder at 9 months old. She has a little problem with her hip, but it doesn't stop her. Whatever dog you choose, please always spay or neuter it. There are too many little animals in rescues and shelters. You will be rewarded 100 times over. Wonderful breed, I highly recommend it. of New Hampshire writes on 10/10/99:

Great dogs for the right people!

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