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The Boston Terrier is a native American breed, resulting from a cross between the English Bulldog, a white English Terrier and the French Bulldog. In 1891, the Boston Terrier Club of America was formed.
The Boston Terrier is lively and highly intelligent and friendly. It is a great house pet and companion.
The body of the Boston Terrier is muscular and compact and should appear to be square. Its head is square with a square jaw. The eyes are large, round, dark and set wide apart. The ears are erect and set to the corner of the skull. The coat is short and smooth. Brindle coat color is preferred but there also must be a white muzzle band, white blaze between the eyes and a white forechest. The topline is level. The tail is set low and is short. They have a straight or screw tail. The gait of the Boston Terrier is straight with each foot moving in a straight line forward. Size will vary between fifteen and seventeen inches and eleven to twenty-four pounds. Because of the structure of the Boston Terrier head and the small pelvis, most litters must be delivered by Caesarean section. of Arlington, TX writes:

The ultimate family dog.
My family always had a Boston growing up, so naturally I chose to do the same. They are ready to play at any instant and generally ready to cuddle as well. I've had some Boston Terriers that had slightly docile behavior, and some that I would swear were nuclear-powered. The one constant is that they are all great with visitors and children. This is not a breed for your introverted, closed-minded types. They usually do well with other pets. However, this breed does NOT comprehend submission or fear. This is true particularly with males, and can lead to problems when strange neighborhood dogs enter your yard. Bostons are protective of children and seem to genuinely love their owners and families. of Houston, TX writes:

Wonderful angel.
Our Boston was the most wonderful pet anyone could ever have. She was loyal, faithful, and a great companion. We had to put her down at the age of fourteen. Our life was definitely enriched by having her and the loss is almost too great to put into words. I feel that Bostons are almost human and can sense your every need. They are the ultimate companion.

Name withheld by request of Billings, MT writes:

All-around great companion.
Great with kids and adults, easy to socialize and very individual personalities. Very intelligent and almost human. Will never be without one, or two.

Name withheld by request of Paris, France writes:

Smart, tough little dog.
These dogs love to exercise, play and have a good chew. They are self-confident and attentive. Very smart but stubborn at times. My dog rarely barks. Generally good health, a strong muscular build and a high pain threshold (you need to pay close attention to detect some kinds of injuries like sprains or ear infections, as they are not complainers). The exception is a tendency toward cataracts, my twelve-year-old has had two operations. The large eyes are also vulnerable to accidental abrasions. My neutered male is still somewhat aggressive with other males and plays too rough sometimes - even early socialization as a pup did not change this. However he is very good with my Pug and he also likes cats. Doesn't appreciate rough handling or teasing from kids and might give a gentle nip to say "watch it!" Indifferent with strangers, but welcomes visitors when they come into the home. He is affectionate, but in his own way and not a lap dog. He is a good traveler (onboard a plane or in a car) and is clean. of California writes:

Sweet-tempered and very smart.
My dog is the best dog I've ever had! She is very smart, and very sweet. She is tolerant of children, is very affectionate, and can have the cutest faces. The cutest thing that she does is "talk" to people. She is very amusing, and is loved by all who meet her. Not to mention, they all think she's really cute. Some of my friends swear that she smiles at them ... I think she does. Definitely a good dog for anyone, single, married, with children, it doesn't matter. They are easy to take care of.

Sfmema@Hotmail.Com of Sarasota, FL writes:

Sweet, loving, smart, happy dogs.
I have never had a dog that I felt so connected to. I swear sometimes we can read each other's mind. Our Boston really lights up when our three grandchildren drive up in the driveway. If my daughter happens to come without the kids, he cannot hide his disappointment, he stares out the window, occasionally turning to give us dirty looks. He is one of the most affectionate, sweet, personable dogs I have ever owned. No matter what the occasion, he truly believes it's all about HIM! of the U.S. writes:

Nothing better.
I have never met a better breed. Every single Boston has their own quirks, their own personality, their own likes and dislikes. They are very intelligent, also. The Bostons I own right now can distinguish about 100 separate words/commands. They are just so wonderful! Bostons are so human-like and full of love and affection. Very loyal to boot.

Name withheld by request writes:

Almost seems human.
My husband and I have had the pleasure of owning a little Boston girl for nearly three years now. She is more than I could have hoped for. She is sweet, sensitive, VERY loving, smart, and a little clown sometimes. She always wants to be wherever we are ... right in between us as a matter of fact. If my hubby and I are on the couch, she squirms her way in between us. She sleeps in our bed ... at times she puts her head on my pillow to fall asleep ... too cute. She is my little friend. Bostons are also great apartment dogs. I cannot say there is a downside to owning a Boston, only that there are some things to consider as per your lifestyle. Bostons are indoor dogs ... though they love to play outside with you and go for walks in mild weather. They do not tolerate extreme cold or heat well. If you live in this kind of climate, just make sure that he/she is a indoor dog. Some Bostons have a tendency toward food allergies. This can be easily taken care of by finding the right food for them and sticking with it. We have always had great luck with Science Diet. Our B.T. has brought much joy to our lives. of Geneva, FL writes:

The perfect dog for absolutely anyone.
Over the years I have owned several dogs, most of them purebred. The Boston Terrier is by far the best of them all. They are quick learners, easily housebroken, adaptable, clean, and clowns to boot! We have put CD titles on two Bostons, each time doing it in three shows. They love to learn, and retain the training. Children of all ages are perfectly safe with this little dog. Adults will find the Boston willing to go along with any activity. They love to go for walks, or will curl up on the couch with you if that's what you want to do. The well-bred Boston has no physical problems, and is pretty much a maintenance free pet. I cannot imagine life without a Boston! of Texas writes:

The greatest family pet.
Two years ago, we were given a Boston Terrier; he was three at the time. I wasn't sure that this dog would fit into our lifestyle. We couldn't believe that within two days, we loved this little guy so much. He only weighs ten pounds, the runt of the litter, I guess. These animals are so loving, kind, sweet, obedient, a lap dog, a car dog, a super traveling dog, superb with children and other animals. We both ride motorcycles and he goes everywhere we do on the bike. Rides on the back seat in a pet traveler bag. we never latch him in, he wouldn't dream of getting out for fear he would be left. He never barks or whines, only when we are loading the bike or car for a trip. He is so excited to go that we load him first before the suitcases. Never on a leash, he stays right with us. We never believed a dog could be so well mannered. He is a joy to watch as he does things that seem impossible that he could comprehend what we say or do. One of the smartest breeds, We have owned a Shepherd, Akita, Min Pin and Poodles over the years, but we will never have another breed again except for the most gracious of all animals, the Boston Terrier. They are people pleaser dogs, We joke that if we ever divorced, we would both fight for custody of our sweet little "biker boy." of Buffalo, WY writes:

Once you've had a Boston you don't want anything else.
I have had four Bostons. My first one lived to thirteen years of age. At one time I had three generations. Each has been unique, yet that familiar trait of affection and total devotion ran high in each and every one. Hardly a day goes by that I don't find something to laugh aloud about as I watch them go through their everyday routines. They love to play with each other (looks like World Federation Wrestling going on in my living room), sleep with each other and generally enjoy each other. They love water, toys, and just being with me, whatever I'm doing, wherever I go. In fact, their "toy skills" are amazing to watch. One of mine knew each of her twelve toys by name, as well as many other words. My youngest (the gazelle) is so athletic. All breeds have their charm and endearing qualities, but once you've had a Boston, all others seem to pale in comparison. Am I prejudiced? You better believe it! They are my snuggle bunnies and best pals. They just love to be close! Life in my house abounds with energy, yet they quiet down real easy. I allow them time to be tired and don't take them with me at all times. That way they are content to be by themselves and at peace with their surroundings. They are great with children and adults, young and old. Enough said about my most excellent companions! of Nebraska writes on 11/15/00:

They adore people.
I was literally raised with Boston Terriers. My earliest infant photos have my grandmother's dogs surrounding me. I have found that Bostons are a joy to own. They are small yet sturdy dogs that love to play and cuddle. They do like to be with you, so if it's an outside dog that you're wanting, the Boston is probably not the dog for you. They are active, yet are more than willing to quietly lay down beside you while you have tv or personal time at night. These guys housebreak fairly easily and are extremely intelligent, almost to a fault. What many people mistake as "being dumb" is a Boston's way of telling you to explain why they should do as you have asked! As with any breed, we as the Boston Terrier community are still fighting genetic problems. I work at a vet clinic, and I see far too many slipping patellas in the breed. Another problem that we see a lot of is stenotic nares, where the nostrils are so pinched that the animal can't get a good exchange of oxygen. I have personally found this breed to be fairly long lived (maybe 10-14 years old). Overall, I would say that these are a compact, playful, lively, and intelligent breed that act almost as little doggie goodwill ambassadors to those people fortunate enough to be able to meet them in person. I gave them a four star rating just because they don't endure extreme temperatures very well, and, while they are sturdy, they are still little guys that can be hurt by an over exhuberant child. Best of luck to all that are considering this breed as their next family member! of San Juan, PR writes on 8/14/00:

So, you're playing with toys again, at your age?
Who am I? I have a constant companion who celebrates life every single day, I can no longer get out of doing exercise, I get to play with toys every day, I receive big mushy kisses at every turn, I now know that three can sleep in a queen-sized bed just fine, Iím treated like a King when I get home from work, those little paw-sized spots of dirt on my trousers donít bother me anymore, my little friend helps pick me up when I fall down, Iíve forgotten that most dogs wag their tails, not their butts, I donít mind that my grandkids donít really stop over to see me, Iíve stopped wondering who all those presents under the tree belong to, Iím comfortable with the fact that the neighborhood kids call my home, ìSophieís houseî, I have the vetís number on speed dial. BINGO, you got it! Iím the lucky housemate of little 21-pound bundle of high energy, joy, and unconditional love. Why shouldnít you hitch up with a Boston? The keyword is time; time to play, time to romp and go on walks [short ones are okay], time to let her know youíre there, time to train her, and most importantly, time to love her. Iím so fortunate that Iíve found that most ephemeral of possessions, time. of Lorain, OH writes on 4/24/00:

Greatest pet ever.
They will do anything for you and protect you at all times. Very are very lovable and affectionate. I grew up with Boston Terriers and both my sister and I have them. They are the greatest pets you could ever have. writes on 12/4/99:

The Boston is one of the best breeds to own.
I frist owned a Boston in 1980, I was looking for a breed to call mine when along came some friends with the most wonderful puppies I had seen - and from that day on I was hooked. After having been around working dog all my life I had to have intelligence and commen sense - and that was the Boston Terrier. I could not recommend a better breed to own eihter as a pet, show, or just your best friend. They will love you, play with you or just be there. They love people of all ages.

name withheld by request writes on 10/28/99:

The very best breed in the world!
We have owned three Boston Terriers, and I must say that they are the best dogs in the world! Love and kisses all the time! Super intelligent, gentle, loving, just the greatest all around dog anyone could ever wish for. of Connecticut writes on 10/27/99:

The perfect dog.
As the "pet" of two Boston's I disagree with some of the earlier comments. I think the BT is the perfect dog for whatever you want your companion to be. Mine are perfectly content to sit on my lap or in their bed when I am busy or working but when I want to exercise they are more than up for it. We do agility work and hike frequently so they aren't unable to exercize. I do watch that the temperature outside is not to cold or too hot but they are very athletic as well as being the best companions. of Hoboken, NJ writes on 10/22/99:

Your best friend.
If you are the kind of person who wants a best friend and companion ... this is the dog for you. Bostons do need to be indoor dogs and need lots and lots of love and attention.. they do not have the "pack dog" personality. In my opinion .. they also need to sleep in the bed . :) These intelligent dogs know what you're thinking, love to play and love to snuggle. of Houston, TX writes on 10/10/99:

A dog that is best for the elderly.
I have owned seven Boston Terriers in my life. They are an indoor dog. They have flat noses which make them dogs who do not have great indurance for exercise. If they exercise too much they can suffer strokes because of breathing difficulties. They do not handle heat or cold well at all. They are very loving. They are a great dog for people who do not exercise often. They are prone to eye problems later in life. They tend to be stubborn but are very intelligent and respond well to obedience training. They have a smooth coat meaning they require little maintenance. They do not like to be left alone. They like to be a part of all that is going on. I highly recommend this lap dog above all others. of Wadley, AL writes on 10/10/99:

Very loyal and compassionate canines
I have recently purchased a Boston Terrier, I always heard they were loving dogs, I just never realized how loving they were until my Mattie-Onna came into my life. I have a daycare of 10 children and Mattie-Onna is my 11th (the most special also). I spoil her just as I do the other children, she gets treated like a child too. If you have the chance to own a Boston Terrier, do so, you will be glad you did.

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