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The Berger de Brie or Briard is a herding guard dog from the Brie region in France. He has been known since the Middle Ages and used throughout time, not only to herd sheep but also to guard herds against wolves, poachers and other threats. In modern times he has been used in combat to carry supplies, serve as sentries and to locate wounded animals. He was named the official dog of the French army.
The Briard is reserved with strangers. He is fearless, never timid. He is hard, alert and possesses acute hearing. He may also be a clown and a showoff with people he knows. He loves the out of doors and is a good companion.
The skull of the Briard is slightly round and longer than wide. The muzzle is strong and square with a black nose. The bite is scissors. The ears are set high on the head and then drop alongside but not flat against the head, unless cropped. When cropped, the ears are shortened and rounded at the tip. The eyes are dark. The neck is strong and well muscled. The back is firm and level. The legs are straight and muscular. The Briard has a double coat which includes a soft, dense, felt-like undercoat which protects against extreme cold and a coarse, dry, hard outer coat that sheds rain and snow in winter and insulates against heat in summer. The Briard does not shed its outer coat as do other breeds. Coat colors come in gray, black and tawny. Long dark hair hangs from the ears and blends with a heavy beard of the same color. Hair also falls from the eyebrows across the muzzle and down the side of the face. Unlike most other breeds, the Briard retains double rear dewclaws. The tail is long, well covered with hair and has an upward hook at the tip. The movement of the Briard is powerful and agile. The average height is between 22 and 27 inches and the average weight is 75 pounds.

Name withheld by request of Macomb, MI writes:

Gentle-hearted and a friend for life.
Briards are big, goofy lovers. Always ready to play and always young at heart. They will protect you, keep you warm and never let you out of their sight. My boy is a giant lap dog. Unfortunately, he is unaware of his size, but we love him anyway. He sleeps outside our bedroom door, so he can view all the family members and when they come home. We truly would not be a home if it didn't include all our members and furry friends.

Name withheld by request of the U.S. writes on 12/9/00:

Man's best friend.
Our Briard is our best friend. He loves to play with my 3 kids. I strongly recommend this breed for households with kids! He is very playful. He is a good guardian. I adore my dog! He is stubborn but incredibly intelligent. A pleasure to be with! (he is lying at my feet right now!)

Name withheld by request of Lititz, PA writes on 10/12/00:

Loving guardians.
Briards are known as the "heart wrapped in fur" and that is very accurate. They are loving and kind but will defend those in their charges to the death if need be. If you own a Briard, you will literally not be able to move without your furry friend following you around and that can be annoying sometimes but in the eyes of your Briard you are the most important thing in the universe. How uplifting that is. It does however require the owner to try to be the person that the dog believes you to be. Not a bad goal.

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