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The Bulldog probably originated in the British Isles as early as the thirteenth century for the sport of bull baiting. Beauty of form was of less concern that courage. When dog fighting became illegal in Britain in 1835, it appeared that the Bulldog had outlived his usefulness. Dog lovers, however, refused to allow the breed to die out and began to breed for a dog that was stable, vigorous, and dignified without the previously desired ferocity.
The Bulldog of today is kind and dignified. He is affectionate and gentle with children. At the same time, he is very courageous without being vicious. He is an excellent guard dog. He requires minimal exercise and is sensitive to hot weather.
The skull of the Bulldog is very large, and in circumference, the area in front of the ears should measure at least the height of the dog at the shoulders. From the side, the head should appear to be high and short. here is a definite drop off (stop) between the skull and muzzle and a distinct groove between the eyes, extending up to the middle of the forehead. The eyes are set low and forward, as far from the ears and as wide apart as possible. They should be round and dark. The skin around the head is soft and loose, forming heavy wrinkles. The ears are set high on the head and wide. They are small and thin, folding inward at the back lower edge and curved outward and back at the upper front edge (referred to as a rose ear) thus exposing part of the pink inner ear. The nose is large, broad, black and set deeply between the eyes. The tip of the nose should be as short as possible. The jaws are massive and undershot. The neck is short and thick with two loose pendulous folds of skin. The topline is roached or arched. The chest is very deep giving the dog a broad, low, short-legged appearance. The shoulders are very muscular and heavy. The legs are short, straight, muscular and set wide apart. They must not be bowed. The gait is a rolling, shuffling motion. Coat colors include brindle, white, red, fawn and piebald but not black. The tail is short, hangs low and is either straight or screwed into tight kinks. Average height is between twelve and fourteen inches. Average weight is between 40 and 50 pounds.

kkzooti@prodigy.net of Wisconsin writes:

Stolen our hearts.
Our six-month-old Bulldog was a present. Though he's been with us a short time, it seems as though he's been part of our household forever. He looks us square in the eye and cocks his head as we attempt to hold a conversation with him. He knows the name of six of his toys and will not come back empty-handed if you tell him to get one (by name). He makes us laugh every day. He is so many things ... kind, playful, very, very happy. It was a lark to housebreak him. Yes, he snores and yes, he has some interesting smells accompanying him at times. Small price to pay for this total package of love. We couldn't be happier.

Name withheld by request of U.S. writes:

Owning one.
I have a Bulldog that my fiance bought. I have found that they are not easy at all to train.

poo@yahoo.com of U.S. writes:

Absolutely great!
I have had a female Bulldog for about two years. They are great dogs, especially around kids.

mmeivogel@yahoo.com of Painesville, OH writes:

Will never be without one.
When we first purchased our male Bulldog eight years ago, I basically knew nothing about the breed. Boy, have we learned! Now we have a ten-month-old little brother for him and my house will never be the same! We have been very fortunate in that we have not had any major health problems. The puppy has recently undergone eye surgery for entropian, but other than that, they've been very healthy. As long as you are willing to give up your couch and bed, and don't mind the snoring, this is a wonderful breed. Not a day goes by that we don't laugh, either at something they've done, or just by looking at them. The Bulldog will love you forever, and you will definitely love them back!

Name withheld by request of Ohio writes:

Wonderful dogs.
I have owned other dogs in my life and I must say Bulldogs are the best. Sometimes they don't even act like dogs. Mine don't bark, they don't run out of the yard and they don't chew anything except their toys. More chimpanzee-like than dogs. During the day they are alone and content to lay around. They like going for walks until about five years old. Potty training takes about a week.

boxingbullies@aol.com of Washington writes:

Independent, fun.
Having spent two years with my male Bulldog, the first word I come up with is independent. He would much rather make his own choices than have me make them for him, and definitely challenges the choices I do make. However, he is the funniest, silliest dog I have ever been around. Extremely intelligent, in a scheming kind of way. "If I ACT dumb, she'll just GIVE me the cookie."
Bulldogs are a little higher on the maintenance, and can rate lower with health. But are well worth the setbacks, especially if you live a casual life.

Name withheld by request of Minnesota writes:

Great pets.
Bulldogs are a wonderful breed. Beautiful, smart and wonderful for families, especially the American Bulldog.

SWyant5534@aol.com of Ft. Myers, FL writes on 12/26/00:

An excellent dog for singles, couples and families.
We have owned two Bulldogs and now are down to just one. We lost our male at the old age of 10.5 years, our female is still with us and will be 11 soon. These dogs not only took us by surprise, but took our hearts as well. I've heard many stories about health problems with these dogs, but we must have been very fortunate. My male had an allergy problem which we nipped in the bud. The only problem our female has had was cherry eye. No other problems at all. These dogs, at least ours, were very loving. Kids, adults and other animals were all welcome in our home without worry. Exercise is a snap. One walk around the block makes everyone happy (not that they couldn't go farther). Our dogs loved the water too. They are smart and easily trained. Need to keep a watchful eye as they will overexert themselves when playing, etc. They'll play or whatever until they drop (literally). Be prepared to share the couch, chair or bed with these guys. Snoring is another past time for them. Most important, these are indoor dogs. Never should they be left in out in the elements. They offer alot of heart and love. We can't imagine ever owning a different breed.

Name withheld by request of Maryland writes on 4/24/00:

Wonderful company, loving and gentle,but high maintance.
Having had two Bulldogs and heard all the comments - I can say, yes it is true: they smell, shed, cost alot, have health problem. HOWEVER, after growing up with everything from Beagles to Bouviers, I find that the English Bulldog has been the very best, and the deepest experience, because they desire little more than to be with you (lying on your feet, leaning on you, and putting their butts on your head, when you are trying to have a nap). They are ideal for city life, needing less exercise than most breeds. They are quiet, ours rarely barked, never whined, scratched or howled, and were patient about treats, walks, etc. Bulldogs are gifted at making friends - even with horses and other animals. They are the "clowns" of the canine world. Everywhere we'd travel (and they travel very well, loving the car, never sick and fitting well into either a tent or motel) we'd meet people, just by having such affectionate, funny dogs. Having a good breeder and good vets is of utmost importance, but they have made me laugh many times, every day for the last 8 years.

Name withheld by request of Jacksonville Beach, FL writes on 3/28/00:

Be prepared to give your heart to the Bulldog....
When I handed the check to the breeder, he warned me that after having a Bulldog, I would never want another type of pet - they have a way of getting to your heart like no other dog. Their incredible personality - total love and devotion to the human family - sweetest heart, stubborn, a genuine comedian, affectionate, gentle with children and so patient. Not barky, nervous, but rather slow moving,peaceful,eager to please. Ours wasn't much of a watchdog but people thought he looked "terrible." I gave only 4 stars because of health issues. The owner must be committed to keeping the bully cool in summer or he can easily become overheated and choke - this is the only limitation regarding children - supervision in hot weather is necessary because the Bulldog is so eager to play with the kids until he drops from over exertion. Careful selection is necessary to have a dog without breathing and eye problems. It's been several years since our beloved Bulldog left us - we will always miss him more than I can tell here

aurora299@hotmail.com of Germany writes on 2/13/00:

An excellent companion dog.
I never knew love until I was owned by a Bulldog! Bullies are very friendly and they love to give smooches! The only purpose to a Bulldogs life is to love and be loved by their family. They are very happy and comical by nature. Although Bullies enjoy being couch potatoes, they are also athletic. My Bully plays soccer, others like to skateboard (they don't have to be hugely overweight as often seen!).
I gave the breed four stars instead of five because of health and maintenance reasons. They are NOT yard dogs! Because of their short nose they cannot tolerate heat nor cold. Poorly bred Bullies may have breathing difficulties and innumerable other problems, including allergies, skin infections, obesity and eye problems. So only buy from a responsible breeder!

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