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The origins of the Chinese Crested are unknown. Due to their hairlessness, many believe that they come from a warm climate such as Mexico or central Africa. There are two types, the Hairless and the Powder Puff. Their name comes from the crest of hair on top of the head that reminds one of a Chinese pigtail. The American Chinese Crested Club was founded in 1979 and the breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1991.
They are a merry, loving and friendly dog. They make a good housepet and companion. Due to lack of hair on the Hairless, owners must take care that the skin does not become too dry. This merely requires periodical application of skin cream. This breed is, for obvious reasons, susceptible to extremes of cold and hot weather.
The head has a slightly rounded skull and is wedge-shaped, narrowing to the nose. The distance from the top of the head to the eyes is the same as that from the eyes to the tip of the nose. The eyes are almond-shaped, dark and set wide apart. The ears are large and erect. Some will lack teeth. They have a long tail that is carried over the back. The Hairless carries coat atop the head, fringing the ears, as socks and a plume on the tail. The skin, which may come in a variety of colors or combination of colors, is smooth and supple. The Powder Puff's body is covered by an undercoat topped with a soft, silky outer coat. The outer coat is long, up to 5 inches in length on the ears, and can come in any color. The Chinese Crested weigh between five and twelve pounds and stand between nine and thirteen inches in height. of Arizona writes:

The perfect pet if you have the time and love.
The Chinese Crested is a great dog. I recieved my first one not too long ago and absolutely love him. He is very smart, as well as handsome, and has already learned two tricks at only eight weeks of age! He wants to be by my side almost all the time, but will actually go off by himself to bask in the sun or chew on one of his many toys. He is very friendly toward strangers and he survived a five-hour drive in our car coming home with us from his breeders. (He actually ate, played, slept, and slept some more.) He has a while before he will be shown in the ring, but I know he is a winner. These are adorable and intelligent dogs and I would recommend them to any responsible person. of Malta writes:

The perfect companion.
To our best knowledge my husband and I are the first to have imported a Chinese Crested in Malta. Our climate is wonderful for them as our temperature is normally warm almost all year-round. Ours has the character of a large dog in a small, portable package. He has true Crested character. He seeks attention and is playful. It was very easy to teach him new things and tricks and within a month he was potty trained. Along with being a wonderful pet he is a lovely show dog. of U.S. writes:

Love of a lifetime.
I just brought my little Hairless girl home a few days ago, after researching the breed for about a year. I'm not a "dog person" but love other peoples' dogs immensely. Hubby and I decided to allow a dog into our lives eventually to add to our ever-growing family of cats, birds, a snake, marmoset, and a tamarin on the way. The Chinese Crested was the choice because of its loyalty, size, non-allergenic, noise level, companionship, and rarity. Nothing I have read could have prepared me for the joy of having her for a companion. Potty training is difficult, but such a small downfall to all the pros that come in having one of these dogs. She has to be touching me all the time, whether awake or asleep. She's boundless in energy and spirit, and so affectionate and gentle. She's my little shadow. I can't believe the intelligence of this little girl. I'm so in love, and know I've made a lifetime choice in this breed. I will never be without a CC Hairless in my life ... amazing dogs. of San Jose, CA writes:

Best companion dog in the world.
The Hairless Chinese Crested is perfect for people with allergies to dogs. Two of my family members have dog allergies and they have no allergic reactions to my little girl. Chinese Cresteds are sweet, loyal, affectionate, and very entertaining. I suffer from depression and anxiety. My little clown not only calms me down when anxious, but she makes me laugh, even when I am depressed because she does such sweet and silly things while playing. I love my dog and she is one of my best friends. I would never own any other dog breed! of Palm Desert, CA writes:

Extremely loving, incredibly intelligent, lives to please.
Never in all of our lives have we had as great pleasure, joy and just plain fun as we have with our Powderpuff Chinese Crested. He is adorable, extrordinarily loving and intelligent but not too demanding. He's always ready to play or cuddle when we are, but understands "not now" when we're too busy to give him the attention he craves at that very moment. His coat is gorgeous and very easy to care for. He loves to be brushed and it's fun for all of us, including our Greyhound who usually disapproves of too much fussing. Our Crested's presence in our life is truly a gift! of Pennsylvania writes:

Sweetest and most devilish at the same time.
I have two little sweeties ... both Hairless. They couldn't be more loved by my husband and me. They get along great but have definite personality differences. One is always the puppy ... forever happy and cheerful, and the other is playful but more serious at times. She's the "big sister" and proves it with her protective nature. They are my children and the love of my life. I've had several other breeds and I've always been close to my babies, but these two have made the biggest impact on my life. of California writes:

Comedian dog.
When you have a Chinese Crested dog in your house you can never be bored. They are very talented entertainers. They will invent their own games, and play them with you, or they will play by themselves while you sit and watch. When two of them are together they play with the grace of dolphins under the ocean. The Chinese Crested has a gift for showing effection, and the special "hair foot" enables them to hug. They are not an especially noisy dog but some of them will talk, and sing! Many people express hesitancy to relate with a hairless dog, but once you get to know a Chinese Crested dog you will no doubt fall in love. of Salt Lake City, UT writes:

Chinese Cresteds as I see them.
I own two Chinese Cresteds, both of which are hairless. They have a loving spirit and affectionate personality. If you want a true companion this is the dog for you. They learn quickly, and because they are so intelligent they can be trained to go in a litterbox or outside. Another interesting thing about this dog is that it does not have fur, it has hair. Chinese Cresteds look a lot like Clydesdale horses to me. They also prance when they walk, like a pony. They are definitely lap dogs. They LOVE to have a lot of attention, so if you can't give them the attention, maybe a Chinese Crested isn't the right dog for you. But if you are looking for a friend to love and get loved in return, I know a Chinese Crested would be the right dog for you. of Louisville, TN writes:

Excellent pet to own.
We got a Hairless Chinese Crested about a year ago. He is very pleasant to be around and very smart. He doesn't need obedience school because he's very keen on commands. He's also good for folks who have allergies to pet hair. of London, England writes on 5/8/01:

A fantastic hearing dog for deaf people - also known as a Hearing Ear Dog.
Right now I have my Chinese Crested in my lap as I type. She is not only the best friend I have ever had, but also my ears. I am profoundly deaf - deaf to the extent that I cannot use hearing aids, no matter how powerful, and cannot have a cochlear implant either. Anyway, my dog is fantastically bright - like most of her kind - learns fast - she has a working vocabulary of over 250 words/commands/phrases both in spoken English and British Sign Language (I live in the UK). She comes everywhere with me, to work (I'm a college tutor in Deaf studies and she is a great icebreaker for me and my class). She has saved the house from going up in smoke twice by alerting me to the smoke alarm. I am allergic to all other dogs apart from the hairless breeds. The consultant I see (allergy specialist) at the hospital told me this breed has different hair/skin/saliva to other dogs, so they are great for someone who has the multiple allergy syndrome that I have - can't even have Poodles. This breed does not like to be left alone, but to be with their person all the time. She is well known in the areas that I live and work - even has had letters addressed to her! She will not play on her own, but only if I play with her. Apart from needing knitted jackets in the winter (and if you can't get these, then baby gro's from charity/thrift shops are fine - birth to 3 months if you have the small deer variety, or the next size up if you have the cobby type. Cut off the feet, and you have a lovely warm jacket for your dog) and some cream in the summer, they are so easy to look after, and feed. Mine likes everything I eat, meat, veg, fruit, nuts, cereals, that I rarely giver her dog food, and she is as healthy as anything. Like me, she does have a sweet tooth, so I have to watch it (both for her and for me!). I am totally crazy, and smitten with her and this is reciprocated a hundredfold. There are other Chinese Crested Hearing Dogs in the UK and they too are very successful. If you want a companion dog, this breed is for you - and one last word, mine adores children and babies and will happily ride in a dolls pram - mine goes in a trolley - sometimes I have to carry a lot of work around in college, and she loves to hitch a ride! of York, PA writes on 11/24/00:

Attention-craving, smart, sense of humor, adorable nuisance.
I've enjoyed many breeds, but never as much as my Chinese Crested. She is into everything, steals socks and underwear, never met anyone she didn't like, and can be found almost anywhere, including the top of the refrigerator. Physically, the breed must be cared for and attended to, including skin cream on the hairless. Mine loves to be fussed over and when I get out the cream, she is ecstatic. They get very cold in winter, and must be provided with warm spots and sweaters. They are well-known (and deservedly so) for their "separation anxiety." I take mine to work with me, where she is an absolute angel. No one believes me when I tell them what a rascal she is. She makes a liar out of me by lying quietly on her little bed and greeting everyone with kisses. They are very smart and will quickly learn almost anything you want to teach. If you use a crate, housebreaking is surprisingly easy, and once mastered, they are very clean. For someone looking for an extraordinarily sweet dog with a sense of fun and a big heart, the Crested is a fine choice. They are especially good for someone with time to play and snuggle. They are small, portable, quiet and easy to travel with. I will never be without one again.

Name withheld by request writes on 6/14/00:

The sweethearts of life. The nicest most loyal dogs.
I have two little sweethearts. I love them so much. Whether it is showing them in competitions or dressing them up for Christmas they are the sweetest dogs around. writes on 4/14/00:

I own six little sweethearts. I have a sickness that makes it inpossible for me to work. So these loveable little dogs keep me company, they are the best thing since meeting my husband who works out of town a lot so if you have lots of time and love thease are the dog for you.

Name withheld by request of Scottsdale, AZ writes on 1/22/00:

Affectionate, loyal, intellegent companion.
This is the first Chinese Crested I have had and I couldn't be more pleased with my selection. This dog is one of the most loyal and affectionate pets I have ever had. He sleeps with me at night (for warmth!) and will not get out of bed until I do. He does have a voracious appetite, which makes him easy to train with treats. He is exceptionally intellegent and learned basic obediance commands in a snap! He also knows the names of most of his toys and will fetch them if you ask him to. I do not reccomend this breed however, if you do not have a lot of time to devot to your pet. They demand plenty of attention and become nervous if left alone too long. They must also be socialized at an early age, because they are quite shy. You will never be bored with this dog though, they are fiesty and playful and love to entertain their masters!

Name withheld by request of Singapore writes on 12/21/99:

Wonderful companion dogs.
I have a female lavender coloured hairless. She's an absolute wonder when it comes to companionship. If you like the phrase "You'll never walk alone.", then the Chinese Crested is the dog for you. As it goes, my dog follows me everywhere, the moment I step into the house after a long day at work. She would even sit quietly outside the bathroom when I'm in there! (My mum told me that) When she's in the mood, she'll bound around house like a little pony. All in all, a very loyal and devoted dog that's also graceful and beautiful. from Californnia writes on 12/12/99:

Always a place in my heart.
I bought my first Chinese Crested when I was in High School. I love the hairless, they love to stay home or go with me , they are really great little watchdogs and are very smart, they need a person to love them, and not be left out of family life from Waynesville, GA writes on 10/10/99:

For the right owner, the Chinese Crested is a fun loving and extremely affectionate companion
The Chinese Crested, if properly bred, is an easy care, low maintenence breed. This little dog is fun loving and very affectionate. Because they are not a man-made breed they have relatively few genetic health problems. In the Crested you have your choice of a fully coated dog,called the powderpuff, or one with a hairless body, having hair on feet tail and head/neck. There are variations of hairlessness.The more flashy heavier furnished ones as usually seen in the show ring today,do have some body hair that has been removed. The "old time" Hairless crested however does naturally have the "soft as a baby's bottom" hairless smooth skin , and minimal furnishings. The hairless have a primitive dentition. Their canines appear as fine tusks which protrude forward, and they do lose some teeth as they grow older. The powderpuffs have a normal looking dentition and do not lose teeth. This breed is not for everyone however. The crested needs to be socialized or it can become shy and overprotective of it's human companion.Chinese Cresteds, as some of the other small breeds, can be a challenge to potty train if not spayed or neutered. Their primitive nature beckons them to mark territory. I find this to be true with females as well as males.

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