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Fox Terriers

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There are two separate breeds of Fox Terriers. The Smooth Fox Terrier was developed during the 1700s and used originally by the British to hunt fox. Later it became a trick dog in circuses. The Wire Fox Terrier was originally developed about twenty years after the Smooth, also to hunt fox. The Wire Fox Terrier comes from the rough haired, black and tan terrier of Wales, while the Smooth Fox Terrier is a cross between the smooth-coated Black and Tan, the Beagle, the Bulldog and the Greyhound. The Smooth Fox Terrier is considered to be the "gentleman of the terrier world."
These dogs are full of energy, irrepressible and pugnacious. As a companion, they are affectionate and protective but need an owner with firm control because of their hunting instinct. They need plenty of exercise.
The main characteristics of both breeds are the same (except for the coat). The head is flat with a narrow skull. The ears are v-shaped and small. They are set high on the head then fold over to lie close to the side of the head. The muzzle is strong and the bite is scissor. The eyes are small and round. The neck is long and muscular. The body is short with a level back and deep chest. The legs are straight and parallel while the feet are round with moderately arched toes. The tail is docked and carried vertically. The coat on the Wire Fox Terrier is dense and wiry with a soft undercoat. It has longer hair on the muzzle, eyebrows, legs and chest. The coat on the Smooth Fox Terrier is straight, thick and lies flat against the body. Both coats are basically white with markings of black, black and tan or tan. The average weight of both types of Fox Terrier is between sixteen and eighteen pounds while the average height is fifteen inches.

Name withheld by request of U.S. writes:

Wonderful friend.
My Wirehaired Fox was part of my life for eighteen years. From loving pup to grand old dog he was everything I could want in a friend.

Name withheld by request of Colorado writes:

I'd never be without one!
Our ten-year-old Smooth Fox Terrier is an absolute joy, but we have spent plenty of time with her. We socialized her early (and continue to) with lots of people (best with older children and adults) and other dogs &shyp; both large and small.
The Fox Terrier might be for you if you understand a dog that thinks:
* killing vermin and other small creatures is all in a day's work
* a pile of clean clothes is for sleeping in
* fast-moving small children should be avoided
* a horse or cow is to be snapped at as well
* "I can hear you when you say cookie. Otherwise, your shouts fall on deaf ears, and I'll do as I please."
* the family should go to the park EVERY morning at 5:30am for some serious playtime
* "you left that loaf of cranberry-nut bread out, now it's mine."
* a tennis ball should never be still
* company should visit every day
Seriously, learn all you can about the Terrier personality before getting a Fox Terrier. Plan to spend lots of time with your pet, making him/her an important part of the family. Rather than forcing Terriers to mind, you'll have much better luck and more fun if you cajole them into doing what you want. Be consistent, firm, and loving. Never, never resort to harshness &shyp; you'll not get good results. If you are easygoing, patient, and enjoy a sense of humor in a dog, then a Fox Terrier might be the dog for you.

Name withheld by request of New York writes on 5/2/01:

Extremely affectionate.
Fox Terriers are affectionate, smart, fast, cute, lovable, and good watchdogs. I have owned one for 4 years and he has not bitten anyone and is well behaved.

BUFFY272@BTINTERNET.COM of the U.K. writes on 5/21/00:

A friend for always.
I have had a Fox Terrier for two years now, and out of all the breeds I have had in the past, the Fox Terrier is the most like a "person" in the way it unstands you, when your sad they make you fell happy with one look. of Phoenix, AZ writes on 10/25/99:

Active and extremely intelligent breed.
Although a very active dog, this breed has responded extremely well to training. A wonderful choice for people with children who want a small dog, but not a what I call "toy" dog. Does require firmness expecially during first year. Wonderful thing is that given the dogs inate intellegence they "understand" what you are saying to them or commanding them to do, non-compliance is merely a case of them being very playful. Breeding is the key and I definitely believe you get what you pay for this is particularly true with the Smooth Fox Terrier variety. What you hear about inbreeding with the popular Jack Russell breed is true. of Southern U.S. writes on 10/13/99:

If you want a smart, good looking, energetic, loving companion the Fox Terrier is for you.
What a wonderful and lovely breed! I have had three in my adult life so far. The Fox Terrier is loyal, smart, very energetic but not "bouncing off the walls", loving to their humans but not always with other dogs, a great watchdog who will protect their own territory and humans to the end, a great outdoors dog or a loving medium sized lap dog at times, hunter extraordinare, hiker/camper and along with all this 95% hyper-allergenic, healthy & low maintainence usually, easy to train but also stubborn. I could go on and on but only have 1,000 words to do this review. Such a handsome, sharp looking, cute as can be, warm and yes, even compassionate companion and best buddy for life.

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