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Breed Notes:

The Miniature Schnauzer is also called the Zergschnauzer. It is identical to the Standard Schnauzer except for size and coat (described below). The Miniature Schnauzer is a result of the crossing of the Standard Schnauzer with the Affenpinscher. He has been bred in the United States since 1925. He is classified as a Terrier in the United States and as a Utility dog in the United Kingdom and Australia.
The Miniature Schnauzer is a calm dog that is good with children and other dogs. He is devoted to home and family. He is an enthusiastic barker, thus an excellent guard dog. The bushy beard does get messy with meals and needs extra care.
The Miniature Schnauzer is a robust, active terrier type dog. He is sturdily built, nearly square in proportion of length to height. His head is rectangular with a slight diminishing of width from ears to eyes and again to the tip of the nose. He has a slight drop off between skull and muzzle at the level of the eyes. The muzzle is strong and ends in a blunt manner with thick whiskers accentuating the rectangular shape of the head. His bite is scissors. His eyes are small, dark brown and oval. The ears are are set high on the skull and may be cropped (except in the UK where it is illegal) so that they stand erect to a point or not cropped, in which case they are small, v-shaped and folded close to the skull. The neck is strong and well arched. The topline is straight. The legs are straight and well-muscled. The feet are cat-like with arched, compact toes. At a trot, the legs move parallel with one another from front and rear. The tail is set high and carried erect. It is docked to a length of being clearly visible over the topline of the dog. The coat is a double coat with a hard, wiry outer coat and close under coat. Coat colors are salt and pepper, black and silver or solid black. The average weight is between thirteen and fifteen pounds while the average height at the withers is between twelve and fourteen inches. of Connecticut writes:

Intelligent, good-looking and lovable.
I had purchased the female Miniature Schnauzer from an online breeder. She had been on a plane for five hours and being new to her surroundings did not run away or bark when we first met. I have two other large dogs (Golden Retriever and Springer Spaniel) they are both seven and six years respectively. I was a little apprehensive as to how we were going to become one big happy family with the difference in the size. I find the dog fits right in anywhere I have taken her. She is such a lovable dog that I am having thoughts of getting a male and have a litter from this dog. She was housebroken within a month and I work at a full time 40-hour a week job. I put her in a crate for a few weeks, gated her in my kitchen the next few and she is now roaming with the Springer and Golden from 7:30am until 5:00pm when I return home. If you have room in your heart and home this dog will be your friend forever. of South Carolina writes:

Great for people with allergies &shyp; they do not shed.
We just had our Mini Schnauzer put to sleep this past week and miss her terribly. She was nine. We are looking for two female puppies to fill the hole in our hearts. These are wonderful dogs as they don't shed very much and are fiercely loyal! Always make sure to buy one from a reputable breeder. These little dogs talk a lot and need much attention as they suffer from seperation anxiety. I couldn't recommend a better dog to add to the family! Also, it pays to learn how to groom them yourself, because ours became stressed out when we took her to the groomers. After I learned to cut her hair myself, she would sit so still for hours while I groomed her. I would leave her hair in the yard for the birds to make nests out of. of Long Beach, CA writes:

A fiercely loyal, smart and protective companion.
My Minature Schnauzer was truly amazing. Although having passed away recently, he was truly loyal and smart and protective all the way to the end. A very smart dog, he would respond to just a look from me, and know what I wanted him to do. And talk about a fearless family protector ... he would take on any animal or person if he was protecting our family. From German Shepherds to possums to an unwelcome burglar ... he was there ... standing his ground. A truly remarkable little dog, that had the heart of a lion!

Name withheld by request of Birmingham, AL writes:

I've never had a smarter dog.
I've been around dogs my entire life, and my twenty-month-old Miniature Schnauzer is the smartest by far. After my English Cocker (the females make great pets) died at the age of fifteen I thought I'd never want another dog,but my wife brought this little black fuzz into our home. She was so black you couldn't see her eyes if the light wasn't bright. She was potty trained within the first week. She does bark a lot. I mean a lot! She is very strong-willed and stubborn. You must be willing to have a firm hand because this smart dog will walk all over you. We have had a few dominance struggles between her and myself. (I won, by the way.) It's been worth the barking and the extra training. She doesn't get into much trouble. They don't shed. It's so amazing once you've had a dog that doesn't shed you can't imagine having one that does. They are very hearty little dogs. Loyal. Will protect you if need be. She found my pet snake a few weeks ago, and would not let me near its cage. She thought I was in danger. Not the best pets for people with young children, but if your kids are older please consider this wonderful breed.

Name withheld by request of Ohio writes:

Smartest dogs I've ever owned.
I searched for almost a year before I found my Minis. I couldn't make up my mind if I wanted a puppy or an older dog, so I bought one of each. They don't shed, don't get doggy odor, and are really easy to clip and groom by yourself. They love to get a bath too. Great for people who have allergies and want a spunky, little, clean, affectionate, loyal, intelligent companion. They require a lot of affection, but it's worth every second! of North Carolina writes:

Wonderful dog that is almost human.
We are on our fourth Miniature Schnauzer at present and would have to say this is one of, if not the best breeds to date. They are very easy to train and are fearless to other dogs as well as being very protective of their family and property. Talk about a funny dog, this is it by far. The MS is not a single person dog either, they like everyone, as long as you are there with them. As far as getting along with children, they are wonderful. We have raised an MS with each of our children and they have been great together. Very clean, hardly any hair shedding and make great sleeping companions, if you can get them off your pillow.

Name withheld by request of South Wales writes:

Great companion for an elderly gentleman.
We bought one of these as a companion dog for my 76-year-old live alone father. It was a great decision. A wonderful loyal companion that loved to curl up on his lap and sleep but was always ready to play or go for walks in the park. Intelligent and easily trained. It was a brave little guard dog, slightly aloof with strangers but politely friendly after the proper "introductions." Clean and easy to look after. The only drawback was that beard getting wet and dirty when dangled in the food bowl. At age ten it developed diabetes and cataracts and has retired to my sister as it now needs daily insulin and careful food preparation, but it is sadly and genuinely missed as a wonderful friend and companion to my father.

Name withheld by request of New Jersey writes:

The best snuggle bunny.
Miniature Schnauzers are the best breed in many ways. They are very smart, obedient, easy to train, very loving,and affectionate. I own a Miniature Schnauzer that I bought from a breeder. It is best to buy from a good breeder because sometimes they have a tendency to bite some children if they are gotten from the pound. My Miniature Schnauzer is very loving and loves to sleep in my lap whether I'm on the couch, in a chair, or on the bed. This dog loves to snuggle! Most likely a Miniature Schnauzer will take the role in which you are. If you are a hyper person, the dog will probably be hyper as well, but if you are a calm person (like me) then your Schnauzer will probably be calm also. But it is VERY important that you buy your Schnauzer from a good breeder.

Name withheld by request of Mississippi writes:

The best.
This dog has its own personality, it is very smart, they are just an all-around good pet. They are playful, good with kids, they don't miss anything going on around them. They are the best! of Singapore writes:

Cutest dogs around.
Miniature Schnauzers are the cutest dogs around, affectionate, passionate and friendly ... with a little attitude and character.

Name withheld by request of Ontario, Canada writes:

Best dogs on the planet!
I was also never a big dog person. Growing up, we always had cats and I admired their independence. When we had our children, having a cat was out of the question because of their asthma and allergies. After a lot of research, we decided on the Miniature Schnauzer. We found a wonderful breeder and got our first Schnauzer. She is six and a half years old and has been the most wonderful, loving friend. She goes everywhere with us and when we have rented cottages for vacation, most people have said they would allow us back because of our dog! We just had to have another Schnauzer and this past June we got another one from the same breeder. Miniature Schnauzers are wonderful companions, they love our children and are very protective. They don't shed, they are a joy to own and we get such a kick out of watching their antics. The only thing I would tell people is that they do need regular grooming. You can learn to do it yourself and your breeder should be happy to teach you. I love my dogs!

Name withheld by request of Kentucky writes:

Mini Schnauzers are the best!
I have several different breeds from large to toy, but my eight-week-old Schnauzer is the best I have found. He is so loving and loyal. Very obedient and intelligent. I could not imagine life without him now; he is like one of the family. I have five children and he is the best with them. I recommend to anyone who wants a new addition in their family to get a Miniature Schnauzer &shyp; you won't be disappointed.

Name withheld by request of Grand Junction, CO writes on 12/6/00:

A very intelligent, lively and lovable small dog that is brave and does not shed!
We have had two Miniature Schnauzers, one that lived eleven years and another who lived to the ripe, old age of sixteen years and one month. Both of these little fellows were extremely intelligent. If you want to teach your dog "parlor tricks" as well as to heel, the Mini will be happy to oblige. (They are smart, almost human, and could give "Frasier's" Eddie much competition!) In fact, our dogs always wanted to be busy and seemed at their happiest to please us with their tricks. They are not a sedentary dog. They danced and twirled on hind legs, retrieved balls and dropped them into baskets only to retrieve them again with an "OK," they played dead, and they gave one paw and then the other. They played "captain" on the swimming pool float as our daughter pushed them along and they could be great, little watchdogs barking when a stranger came up the driveway or was at the door. If they were told to calm down, they would and then gaze up at you with those dark,lovable eyes. The Miniature Schnauzers we had were sweet dogs who were perceptive when one was ill, especially to a Grandmother at whose side our Mini would sit when she was resting in her favorite chair. Both of our Minis were one-man dogs or, rather, one-woman dogs. However, they always shared their love "when called upon" with the rest of the household. The Mini is adaptable and was accepting of all friends who were in our home. Although one Mini trembled when it thundered, he was still a brave little fellow and explored snowdrifts only to almost disappear in one, and the other was so brave to take on a Doberman running in our yard only to be bitten. He survived quite well and enjoyed being spoiled by our young daughter who tucked him under her blanket. Both Minis were great travelers and enjoyed the scenery on long trips just as we did. Owning a Mini Schnauzer is a challenge because you have to learn to "read" them, to understand their "language." For instance, not wanting to be alone, they did retaliate (chewing tassles off pillows, shredding newspapers), but only in their young years. However, once we realized what they wanted while we were away (which was to be able to look out of the window as we drove away), then all was miraculously well - again, learn to "read" your dog! All dogs need your patience! May I add that we did not own the two Schnauzers at the same time, but both were very much alike. They are clean little guys and if you want a pet in your home at all times (and not crated), they do not shed which is a great plus if you are a neatnik! We always wiped their whiskers after they ate and both actually would wait at their finished bowls until someone came to clean their "beards." If we did not come soon enough, both would wipe their snout on the rug! Obviously, we think our Miniature Schnauzers were the best dogs in the world!

Name withheld by request of New York writes on 11/6/00:

A real heart breaker.
For the last 16 years I have raised, lived with, loved on and been loved by Schnauzers! What a gift they have been. My dogs have been smart, calm, loving to all, and loyal. Just last week, I lost one at 14 years of age.My first died at age 10. So if you are thinking of a long-term companion a well-breed Schnauzee is a great one! That care of it and enjoy!

MBOGGS2@NEO.RR.COM of Ohio writes on 8/14/00:

The dog of dogs.
I was never one to care much for dogs. My wife, a dog lover, said that we had to have a dog. She wanted a Miniature Schnauzer. We responded to an ad last Easter and came home with our dog. I was basically just going along with the idea because I didn't mind the idea of having a dog. It took only a short time for him to win me over! These little dogs have the heart of a lion. They do not know their own size. They will try to "protect" you from other dogs, no matter their size. As tough as they act, they still love to be treated like a baby. They want to be a part of everything that you do. These dogs truly deserve the title of "man's best friend." Our dog has a lot of personality. So much in fact that he seems like a person in the body of a dog. He is my little buddy. of Bellefontaine, OH writes on 5/31/00:

One of the best friends I ever had.
I had the pleasure of owning a Miniature Schnauzer for 4 years. I was a young adult then and although I made several moves, she went with me and adapted pretty well. Unfortunately when I married my son's father he made Sarah live in our garage. It upset me greatly but I thought I would be foolish to choose a dog over a human companion. She was run over by a car in 1992 and I still think about her and miss her deeply. I will own another some day. I have a lot of memories about her "spunkiness" and "attitude" but one of the funniest to me and my mom is when we lived there at home, my mom had an artificial plant that had spanish moss in the bottom. Whenever she would race up or down the steps (the plant was on a landing) she would snatch a bite of it as she went by. Mom actually had to add some to her plant because she ate so much of it!

cheeze! of New Jersey writes on 1/15/00:

Best dog I have ever known!
My Mini is a true example of the 'big dog in the little package.' Though huge for a Mini-female, (15") she is a sweet, loving, happy pal. She LOVES to hang out with us, go places, especially the woods. She is like a little hunter, having the grandest time sniffing out 'stuff'. In addition, her favorite occupation is terrorizing the squirrels in the backyard. Though I love many breeds, Mini's are the number one in my heart! of Bedfast, Northern Ireland writes on 11/5/99:

Best breed I have ever owned.
I have three minis - one of each color. They are very loyal dogs and easily trained. Probably one of the best things about them is that they do not cast. They are affectionate and almost humanoid in thier behaviour. I breed these dogs and find it enjoyable watching them grow into beautiful dogs and bringing the same enjoyment to others when introduced to this wonderful breed. I will never be without a Schnauzer in my life. These dogs are the best companion you could have. What more can I say! of Miami, FL writes on 10/23/99:

1st LuV....My 1st Scnauzer.
I've always owned large breed dog. As a small girl, my family breeded Doborman Pinschers and German Sheppards. As an adult I breeded Rottwielers, but none have been more of a pleasure to own than a Mini-Schnauzer. Always ready to please whether it be at play or as a companion. They are easy to train and to love and to be loved by a schnauzer is really a pleasure. After a long day at work Kiezer is there to greet me with incredible enthusiasm adn when it's time to go to bed Kiezer is there to offer a warm and inviting cuddle. BUT when play time arrives, he can catch that baseball, run that extra mile, hike just over that hill, take a dip in the pool and take a cruise in your. Their versatility, trainability, loyalty, and energy make them the best breed for anyone.

Name withheld by request of Ann Arbor, MI writes on 10/10/99:

Smart and sweet (and they don't shed!).
I have had Miniature Schnauzers since I was very young. They have always proven to be easy to train and wonderful life companions. Although there are many wonderful breeds out there, I will alwany own a Mini as long as I am able to have dogs (hopefully for a long time). of Washington State writes on 10/10/99:

No small breed beats a Miniature Schnauzer!
Being "owned by" a Miniature Schnauzer is the most fulfilling and rewarding small breed experience I have ever had. They are extremely intelligent, thus making them easy to train. But best of all is their loyalty and desire to interact with their humans on whatever level the human wants. They can play and rough house with the best....or just be a cuddler. They don't shed, and they don't have "doggie odor." For city or country living, there isn't a better choice! of Florida writes on 10/5/99:

The best breed ever created - loyal, intelligent, all around perfection.
Minature Schnauzers are 100% joy to own! They are intelligent, loyal, loving and live to please their human. They are people pleasers in every sense of the phrase. If you run, they run; if you are a couch potato they are a couch potato; the bottom line is they want to be with you and will do what ever it takes to be near you. They LOVE their humans! Miniature Schnauzer owners are very loyal to their breed.

Name withheld by request of Colorado writes on 10/1/99:

Once you have a well bred Mini'll always....
The MS is a very adaptable dog. He is small but definitely not toyish or 'wimpy'. He loves to play and he loves to cuddle. He is not a one-person dog. He is very trainable, but you do need to establish yourself as the boss or the very intelligent MS will be happy to take over for you. The MS is a terrific family pet. Please acquire from a breeder...NOT a pet store or back-yard breeder.

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