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Although originally bred in Tibet, the Tibetan Spaniel is not really a spaniel because he was bred as a companion dog, not a hunting dog. Because Tibet is a mountainous region and various parts are isolated from each other, various versions of this small body developed over the past thousand years . The breed was only standardized in recent times. In Tibet he became the favorite of Buddhist monks and was a valued watchdog since he would sit high atop the monastery walls announcing the arrival of strangers to the monks and predators to the Tibetan Mastiffs who were guarding the monastery herds. Outside of the monastery, he served as watchdog and companion for Tibetan villagers. The breed was introduced into England in 1938. It was recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club in 1979 and by the American Kennel Club in 1983.
The Tibetan Spaniel is intelligent, sweet natured and affectionate. He is aloof with strangers but very family oriented. He is a very active breed that needs daily exercise.
The Tibetan Spaniel gives a well-balanced appearance with his body being slightly longer than tall at the withers. The head is small in proportion to the body and carried proudly. The skull is slightly domed and moderate in length and width. The muzzle is of medium length. There is a slight drop off (stop) between the skull and muzzle. The teeth meet in either a slight undershot or level manner. The neck is moderately short and strong. The topline is level. The tail is set high and richly plumed. It is carried gaily over the back when the dog is in motion. the bones of the forelegs are slightly bowed with small hair feet. The coat is a double coat, silky in texture and smooth on the face and front of the legs. It is of moderate length, lying flat on the body. The ears, back of the forelegs, tail and buttock have slightly longer hair while the neck has a mane or "shawl" of longer hair. All colors and mixtures of colors are allowed. Height is approximately ten inches with weight ranging from nine to fifteen pounds.

equestrian992002@yahoo.com of Placerville, CA writes:

These are great dogs.
These dogs are super smart. Though small, they are very "BIG" for their size. They are very playful dogs as well. These dogs do bark to alert you, but are not barkers. They are aloof with strangers. They love to go for walks and can keep up at any pace. They are low maintenance and seem to be overall healthy dogs. With love, high quality food and exercise these dogs will live a long life. If you are considering the addition of a dog in your life, choose a Tibetan Spaniel. You will be glad you did.

Name withheld by request of Vermilion, Alberta writes on 12/10/99:

Great family pet.
We did a lot of research before picking this breed, and it has paid off. This dog is the perfect pet for a family. They are very intellegent, and playful. They do not always come when you call, but they do make you laugh at their antics. They are very good in the cold, and love to play in the snow. They love long walks, and keep up to almost any pace. We have always allowed our dog to be part of the family, and she has always slept indoors. Very easily housetrained! We have had very little worry about medical health, though too much fatty food does tend to upset her stomach. This breed doesn't bark needlessly, nor are they given to tearing things up or destructive chewing. This breed is cute, cuddly, smart, a great pet. If everyone did the research before getting a dog, there would be a lot more Tibbies around.

Wer4dawgs@aol.com of Lancaster County, PA writes on 10/16/99:

Bright, clean, and independent.
Tibetan Spaniels can be a dog lover's dream-come-true. They are a small, easily kept, loving little dog. Tibbies are often intelligent in the way that one who knows dogs would say is "full of common sense." Training? Depending on the person/dog combination, chances are the Tibbie will train YOU! Trying to make them do something they don't see as necessary can result in a sulky dog. They will be quick to learn the necessary household 'ropes', and are clean about housetraining. They don't often need reprimanding for naughty behavior (IF they're ever naughty, a scolding gets the point across nicely)...certainly never harsh treatment.
They make excellent alarm/watch dogs, and are generally not inclined to cozy up to strangers. They can be quite affectionate with their loved ones. Grooming isn't a major chore. A bi-weekly brushing and regular nail clipping is the bulk of it. They do shed, profusely at times. One nice feature is that they do not seem to carry any noticeable doggie odor. Kids? Most I've known have either loved them or just avoided the rough and noisy variety. They are fairly sturdy for their size, but should be supervised for their own safety if interacting with very young children. People who SHOULDN'T own a Tibby are those who are looking for a dog whose very existence depends upon pleasing its master, nor should they be kept as outdoor-only dogs. Tibbies will love you faithfully, but you MUST understand their terms.

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