Toy Manchester Terriers

Toy Manchester Terriers

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During the sixteenth century the Manchester district of England was noted for two "poor man's sports," rat killing and rabbit coursing. In order to produce a dog that would succeed at both, an Englishman named John Hulme mated a female Whippet with a crossbred dark brown male dog known for its rat-killing ability. This produced the Manchester Terrier. For a time, he was referred to as the Black-and-Tan Terrier but the name of Manchester Terrier was reestablished for the breed in 1923. There are two sizes of Manchester Terrier, the Standard and the Toy. Except for size and ear options (described below), there are no differences between the Standard and Toy varieties of the Manchester Terrier.
In Victorian times, The Manchester Terrier was referred to as "the Gentleman's Terrier. He is a keenly observant and devoted dog. He is lively, good natured, with minimal grooming necessary. All of these factors make him an ideal companion.
The Manchester Terrier's head is long and narrow with the skull and muzzle being of equal length. The eyes are nearly black and almond shaped with black eye rims. The expression is keen and alert. The jaws are powerful with a full and well defined underjaw. The bite is either scissors or level. The neck is slightly arched and graceful. The topline has a slight arch over the loin that falls slightly to the tail set. The tail is moderately short and reaches no further than the hock joint. It is thick at the body, tapers to a point at the end, and is carried in a slight upward curve. The legs are straight with compact, well arched feet. The toes are cat-like. The bone and muscle should have sufficient mass to ensure agility and endurance. The coat is smooth, short, dense, tight and glossy. It should be jet black with rich mahogany tan markings. In the Standard Manchester Terrier, the ears are either carried naturally erect, cropped or button shaped. They are wider at the base, pointed at the tips and carried well up on the skull. The Toy variety has a naturally erect ear. The height is between fifteen and sixteen inches. The weight of the Standard variety is between twelve and twenty two pounds while the toy should not exceed twelve pounds. of Texas writes:

Excellent little dogs.
This is the best dog I've had so far and I've had a lot of dogs before in my seventeen years. She is my first inside dog also; they are so small and don't shed much. They do tend to stick more to one person in the family and are very friendly with strangers. Mine only barks if she needs to and I never get tired of her. Manchesters typically live up to fifteen years or more, are also not hard to train either. Their look is similar to a Miniature Pinscher. Yes, they do like to sleep with you in your bed and are sensitive to coldness and wetness. But they always like to be around you. of London, UK writes:

Adaptable little love ball.
Full of energy, both outside and inside. Keen Terrier interest in tug-o-war, fetching, chasing pigeons, and sniffing everything, but not unmanageable. Always ready to play, but will settle beside you (or on top of you) or else nearby, when nothing interesting is going on. Curls up into the smallest ball, and loves to sleep under the covers at night. Intelligent and fairly obedient for a small Terrier and mine only chews what is hers (even then she makes little inpact on most things). Sheds very little. Downsides are they can be nervous of strangers, like to use sharp bark in fear, or when bored to get attention. Sensitive to wet or very cold weather. In England the breed is susceptible to demodectic mange (this generally clears up after the first year), and genetic deafness is known in this breed. of Alamosa, CO writes on 10/13/99:

If this is the right breed for you then they are wonderful pets.
Toy Manchesters are clean, loving, devoted pets. Easy keepers and generally healthy. However they are terriers and can try your patience to the end of your rope. I find they are better as single pets. They tend to fight over their human and don't tolerate anyone else in their way. Very intelligent too. You must work to be alpha in your home. Manchesters want to be with you always. They follow you into the bathroom, sit on your lap and sleep in your bed. You are not capable of doing anything on your own if you own a Manchester.
The major health problems are von Willebrand's disease - a disorder preventing normal blood clotting, Legges-Calves-Perthes disease - a dying and destruction of the head of the femur bone and various skin problems. Reputable breeders do a DNA test for vWd before breeding. Toy Manchesters must be under 12 pounds for the show ring. Most are 10 - 12 pounds and around 12 inches at the shoulder. They must be black and tan. There is a larger version of the breed called Standard Manchesters. The toy's ears stand naturally and are not cropped. The tail is left its normal length. Grooming consists of toe-nail cutting and wiping with a chamois or hound glove. They rarely have any body odor and bathing requirements are minimal. They adjust to most living situations and love to participate in all activities. Many have competed in the highest levels of obedience and agility as well as other organized activities. They do appreciate a sweater or coat on cold days. Not the breed for everyone but when you are owned by a Toy Manchester terrier you learn the meaning of true love.

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