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Although the exact origin of the Welsh Springer Spaniel is unknown, written and pictoral accounts of a dog with similar markings date to the time of the Roman occupation of Britain. By the 1700s, he had become a favorite hunting dog of well-to-do Englishmen. He was recognized by the Kennel Club of Great Britain in 1902 and the American Kennel Club in 1906.
The Welsh Springer Spaniel is an excellent waterdog. He is keen and hard-working, faithful and willing to work. He can be used on any type of game. He is larger and stronger than the Cocker Spaniel but smaller than the English Springer Spaniel. He is a good guard dog and has been used to herd sheep and cattle. He is gentle with children.
The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a rectangular shaped dog with his body length being as long or slightly longer than height. His skull is of medium length, slightly domed, with a clear drop off (called the stop) between skull and muzzle. The length of muzzle is approximately equal to but not longer than the skull. It is straight and fairly square. A scissors bite is preferred. The eyes are oval in shape, dark to medium brown in color. Ears are set at eye level and hang close to the cheeks. They are relatively small and lightly feathered. The neck is long and slightly arched. The topline is level. The chest is well developed and muscular with the brisket reaching to the elbow. The tail is an extension of the topline, docked and carried nearly horizontal or slightly elevated. The legs are straight and well boned with the length from elbow to ground matching the length from elbow to withers. The back of the forelegs are lightly feathered with hair. The feet are round and well arched. The coat is naturally straight, flat and soft. It is sufficiently dense to be waterproof, thornproof and weatherproof. There is light feathering of hair on the ears, tail, back of legs, chest and underside of the body. The color is a rich red and white only, with red ticking in the white being acceptable. The gain is smooth, powerful and ground covering. Average height is between eighteen and nineteen inches at the withers and weight is about thirty-five pounds.

Angelicbabe427@aol.com of San Antonio, TX writes:

A loving, devoted pet that gives love and makes me laugh.
My family and I bought a Welshie from a breeder in Arizona. Although my mother was not thrilled with the idea that this puppy was going to cost nearly $1,000, my dad and I convinced her it was worth it. And it was! The Welshie is by far the best breed. This dog has so much love and attention to give that he even follows me into the bathroom. He is a family dog, and loves to play and romp, as most dogs do. I will warn you, though, do not get this breed if you do not have time for it. Welshies require much attention or they become bored, fat, and LOUD! It also needs a backyard. These dogs need exercise or else you will find them jumping off the walls when it is time for bed. The dog itself is so beautiful with the rich red and white. The little freckles top it off! I have had so many people tell me how beautiful they think our Welshie is, and asking what type of breed it is. Becuase this breed is relatively unknown, it almost makes it more desirable to get. The whole reason my family got this breed was because we had no idea what kind of dog it was, and since it looked pretty in the pictures, and we researched it, we decided to buy one. Now buying one is not easy. There are very few breeders in the country, and even harder, litters are not very often. We live in Texas, and we had to contact a lady from Arizona to get ours. Also, the breed is not cheap, to say the least. Honestly we spent around $1,000. I know this may sound outrageous, and you may think that it's just a dog, but he is more than just a dog. He is a part of our family. He is there when I come home from school, and he's there when it's time for bed. The joy that I get seeing his face makes all the money we spent worth it. I wholeheartedly recommend this breed to anyone who is looking for a dog with a big heart.

direnny@btinternet.com of Hornchurch, Essex, England writes on 4/10/01:

Intelligent and beautiful.
Having had Irish setters for almost 20 years I purchased my first Welsh Springer Spaniel in 1994. I did not think any breed of dog would match the feelings I had for Irish Setters, Wrong! From the start the Welshie captured my heart, I found him to be loyal, faithfull and honest, he has the capacity to understand when I want to be quiet and thoughtful and lays by my side patiently, he is never demanding, whereas Irish Setters have all of the above qualities they crave attention 24 hours a day. As I said earlier Welsh Springers have the capacity to read your moods and to react to them accordingly, but don't get me wrong they are now boring fireside dogs they do have a zest for life and enjoy going out for a good run and hunt. Not only are they intelligent but they are beautiful too.

TREGELLI@aol.com of Massachusetts writes on 12/30/99:

A smart, sensitive, loyal and very loving dog.
I have owned/co-owned four Welsh Springers. This is a great breed for the right person. Welshies are very intelligent, not necessarily obedient; always loyal to their people and very loving, playful well into their senior years, relatively healthy,and adaptable, with suitable exercise and companionship, to a variety of lifestyles. Welshies are very sensitive; and can be inclined towards shyness. A young Welsh must be socialized to a wide range of people and environments or it could grow up fearful. It is not a dog that should be owned by nervous people, or people with hyper-active children and constantly hectic schedules. A Welshie's temperment can often mirror the atmosphere of its home; raise it sensibly with tenderness and firmness and patience and humor, and you'll have a lovely pet. Formal, group Obedience Training is highly desirable for Welsh Springers starting around 5-6 months if not before.

nalder@wn.planet.gen.nz of Wellington, New Zealand writes on 10/13/99:

A great breed for active owners who need a second shadow.
Welshie's were bred to hunt rough cover all day, and so have a need for exercise in fairly large amounts. They are ideal for people who like to hike, walk on beaches, jog, and of course hunt. They are also good for agility and obedience dogs. They are very loving dogs, who want to be with you 24 hours a day if possible, and are usually to be found underfoot - or helping with the garden, laundry, horses, kids, etc. You get the idea. If you want a dog to just sit around looking pretty, don't get a Welshie, - you will get pretty, but you won't get "just sitting around." They have wonderful exuberant personalities, and life is never boring with a Welshie around.

jgauntt@aol.com of Pensacola, FL writes on 10/10/99:

A friend for life that never forgets.

Name withheld by request of Maryland writes on 10/10/99:

Intelligent sensitive loving dog.
This dog will understand your feelings intentions, and the situation. They are capable of thinking of solutions to what they confront, and dealing with it in a positive way.. They love their family and will not wander, so they are a good dog to take camping or hiking.

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