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The Whippet is a small, speedy sighthound. He was developed as a coursing and racing dog for the English working class. Crossing various small terriers with small Greyhounds produced this breed. Introduction of the Italian Greyhound added elegance.
The Whippet is a quiet, sturdy, affectionate pet who delights in the company of people and other Whippets. He does not bark or howl. His coat does not need a lot of care. Although he is more sturdy than he appears to be, his thin coat makes him susceptible to drafts and cold weather. Daily exercise is necessary.
The Whippet is very alert and able to cover maximum distance with minimal lost motion. His head is long and lean with very little drop off between skull and muzzle. The muzzle is long and powerful. The bite is a scissors bite. The ears are small, fine in texture, thrown back and folded. The eyes are large, intelligent, dark in color and round in shape. The neck is long, muscular and well-arched. The shoulders are long and the chest is deep, reaching to the elbow. The legs are straight and long. The feet are strong with thick pads. The back is strong and powerful with a natural arch over the loin. The tail is long and tapered. It is carried no higher than the top of the back when the dog is in motion. The coat is close, smooth, and firm in texture. There is a longer coated variety that is not recognized in the United States. The height is between eighteen and twenty-two inches and the average weight is between twenty-nine and thirty-one pounds.

AppaloosaGirl02@aol.com of New York writes:

Great companion and hard worker.
Whippets are one of the best family pets, for they are GREAT companions, and will try over and over again at something until you are satisfied with the results. Child-friendly and sweet-natured, males seem to have a sense of humor while females have more personality.

Name withheld by request of Wisconsin writes:

Very active, stubborn.
I have had my Whippet for seven years.. I have found with him that he is a one owner dog, has a lot of energy to burn yet can be a big couch potato. He likes to run only when he has to. What I have found with him is he is very dependent on me. He has been very hard to train. I got him from a shelter and have been training him ever since, the training has been consistent. I always make jokes that he "just forgot." He is also very whiny and makes it known he is around at all times. If you live in an apartment or small house this would not be the dog for you. Would I ever get another one if it was in a shelter? Yes, as I would any other dog in a shelter.

leegrohse@nc.rr.com of U.S. writes:

Sweet dog.
I have had three Whippets over the years. They've all shared the following characteristics: sweet, extremely gentle temperament, quiet in the house, sensitive and easily frightened, breathtakingly beautiful when they run, extremely healthy and long-lived, a bit slow in the obedience training area, easy to care for, and get along well with other animals. However, they have varied a lot in the following ways: one of my Whippets was very affectionate and attached &shyp; a real one-person dog, and two were sort of passively receptive to attention but not really attached. One was a terrific Frisbee catcher, and the other two could not be interested in this at all. I would say that in comparison to other breeds I've had they are a little "simple," not exactly unintelligent but perhaps with less complex personalities and behavior than other breeds I've had. This is a great dog for a person who values beauty, gentleness, quietness, and wants a more reserved, predictable pet. In my experience, it's a dog that needs less attention and interaction than other breeds. I don't think this is a great dog for active children or a busy, noisy household. However, it's a perfect dog for a single person living in an apartment.

jmogrl@aol.com of USA writes:

The most versatile breed of dog.
Whippets are one of the most versatile breeds of dog. They do equally well living in an apartment as they do on a farm; provided they get enough exercise, of course! They do well in many aspects of canine competitions: conformation, obedience, agility, flyball and lure coursing to name just a few. They are marvelous with kids ... very gentle and quiet. Good with other dogs. They also have short hair. Whippets are one of the best kept secrets of the dog world, and I'm glad that they are!

Name withheld by request of Florida writes:

A very loving couch potato with a love for running.
I have owned several dogs in my life. The Whippet, of which I have now owned for three years, is so far my favorite. They are very loving housedogs. Not too large, yet not too small. They love to curl up on the couch or climb in bed with you. Yet when let loose in a field, WOW, what beauty and grace! I have had no problems housetraining my Whipper, and he is smart enough to ring a bell hung on the door to let us know he needs out. He will sleep in his crate when we are not home with no fuss. He has never shown any type of aggression to my young nieces and nephews, or my one-year-old son, and is very trustworthy. He does not ever bark so they make horrible guard dogs. The only thing I can find bad about the breed is you MUST keep them leashed or fenced at all times. They will take off running in a moment and will not return until they are ready. Cars are nothing to them, so don't run the risk of that. But other than that they are great.

pawspurr@netscape.net of Canada writes on 2/17/01:

Best dog ever - whippets rock!
Whippets are fiesty, agressive, fast, loving, cuddly, lazy, mischevious, sporting, athletic, quiet (most of the time) and are a great companion for those who love their dog with them all the time!

heidi@fusion-films.com of New Hampshire writes on 1/22/00:

The most lovable breed imaginable.
I have owned, been around and known many different breeds of dogs my entire life. No breed, however, has made me fanatical - except for the Whippet. Whippet owners understand this enthusiasm for the breed; it's true that you can't seem to own just one. They are extremely gentle and have a constant expression of sweet meekness (one look into those big eyes and my Whippet gets whatever he wants!). They don't really bark, but they do "talk". My dog sounds a lot like Scooby Doo, for instance. Whippets spend most of their time wandering from your bed to their crate to the couch and so on, curling up in the warmest place they can find. Many of my friends and family members who don't especially like dogs adore my Whippet. They do not drool, act aggressively (they are not good watchdogs), jump all over people or chew anything that is not "theirs". Also, my husband and I are allergic to dogs, but we have never so much as sniffed around Whippets or Greyhounds (anouther fabulous breed). I wish I had space enough to list the myriad reasons to own a Whippet, but then, words are insufficient to describe my love for them.

pixie@vermontel.com of E. Arlington, VT writes on 10/10/99:

My favorite 35 MPH couch potato
I just recently got into the breed and I have to say, I'm entirely in love. I have owned Mitsukai for about 4 months. When I got her, she was 6 months old. I was very wary at first- although I had spoken with breeders and met other Whippets I wondered secretly if I was getting myself into a breed that looked calm in public but would turn my house into shambles when they finally settled in. Nothing could be farther than the truth! Whippets are very affectionate, loving animals. They connect very strongly with one person (in this case, me) and will often follow "their" person from room to room. This is an oft-cited reason for owners giving up their Whippets - they weren't at all prepared for a dog as loving as the one that they owned. Now, before I scare you away, let me clarify what I mean. Whippets aren't the romance-your-leg, drool-all-over you affectionate type. They love to snuggle, they sleep all the time and they are in a constant search for a warm place to sleep. They bark very little, often preferring to "talk" or gurgle to get your attention. They are fabulous with kids - my girl even lets 3 year olds attempt to ride her like a horse without a growl or even much regard at all! They are a serious companion dog, and will gladly travel around the world as long as you're by their side. Despite their appearance, they do eat a normal amount. They require vigorous excercise for about 15 minutes at least 3 times a week, preferably every day. Due to their short coats, they need sweaters and boots when the weather gets damp or nippy. They have *very* few genetic problems and can live to be on average 16 years old. At about 25 pounds, they're the perfect size to cuddle with; however, it's not easy keeping the dog off the bed! The first night I owned Mitsu, I let her sleep with me to calm her anxiety of separation- now, it's taken as granted that the bed is hers and I'm merely an occupant. They shed very little, take very little grooming effort and provide unboundless love. I spent many months researching the breed before I bought a Whippet, but the one thing that they can't teach you in the books is once a Whippet person, ALWAYS a Whippet person.

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