The Akita Breed Book

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Nancy Richmond
Including 64 frameable prints by
Misty Murray Walkup
232 pages softbound, large 8.5x11 size. Profusely illustrated with 64 frameable prints, most in color.

A well-written, thought-provoking book that takes an in-depth look at the Akita breed. With all the beautiful, one-of-a-kind illustrations, Akita fanciers will be wanting two of these books. One from which to display the wonderful prints and another to keep intact to be added to their Akita library. With its unique form of publication this book is every bit as much an Akita art book as it is an Akita breed book. &shyp; Cherlyn Moore
Being an Akita owner/breeder myself this book is a must-have and is a worthy addition to the library of anyone who has an interest in this wonderful breed. &shyp; Tammy Patnode
This book comes as close as it gets to giving the reader insight into the complex, powerful and enduring Akita. I hope that everyone who reads this book will derive as much joy as I have in reading, and looking at, what I think is the "crown jewel" of the dog kingdom. &shyp;Joyce Mulligan

$80 + 5 s&h ($15 outside U.S.).