Argentine Dogo Handboook

The Argentine Dog Handbook

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by Dee Gannon. Softcover $25 + $5 s&h ($15 outside US). 186 pages 5.5" x 8.5". A wonderful compilation of all things Argentine Dogo. Many photos. Chapters include:

An Historical Perspective
The Dogo in the United States
The ADCA Breed Standard
The First Golden Age of the Dogo
A Pictgorial history of Other Notable Dogos
Genetic Defects and Health Problems
Selecting a Dogo Puggy
Raising Dogo Puppies
Dogos at Work and Play
Showing Dogos

Victor Clemente: "This volume is far and away the most complete book on the Argentine Dogo in the English language. I believe that breeders and judges will find much to savor in the author's concise and straightforward rendering of the breed's history. The presentation and interpretation of the breed standad, accompanied by photographs, willbe welcome by newcomers and oldd-timers alike. The author's understanding of the breed standard and its importance to the fancy shine through and is further enchanced by the gallery of historical photographs of important winners, all of whom define the desired type in this majestic breed."
Rick Tomita: "I applaud Dee fo this current, much-needed volume on the Argentine Dogo and for her special ability to find the truth and tell it without apology."