Seppala, Alaskan Dog Driver

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(Signature Edition) by Elizabeth M. Ricker. Hardcover $45 + $5 s&h ($15 outside US). 296 pages + photo plates. Computer-enhanced reprint of the 1930 original. Seppala is THE sled driver of the original "Serum Drive," which later became the Iditerod, the father of Alaskan dog sled racing. This is the classic of the sport, a must for every serious northern breed fancier.

"Seppala, Alaskan Dog Drive, is a good old fashioned adventure story. Just as true today as it was in the 1930's. The story of a real man, perhaps larger than life. A strong, tough man, a product of a hard life in Norway. He was well equipped, mentally and physically to excel in Alaska.
"When I lived in the Territory of Alaska during the early 1950's, Leonhad Seppala was considered an Alaskan hero. Seppala's exploits are larger than life, even today.
"This book is as readable and fascinating today as it was when Elizabeth Ricker, Seppala's good friend and partner, wrote about him in 1930. The writing is excellent. The books if fast paced, not the flowery prose of so many tales of this time. Seppala warms our hearts in the Alaskan sweepstakes story when he says, "But I was banking on the Siberian traits I knew so well." e life and death races with Seppala driving his team make for as exciting a story as you can read in fiction or in fact.
"This book is the history of the Siberian Husky and life in Alaska at the turn of the century. The first Alaskan to Nome, the feel of life in the gold fields of Alaska, it is all here. This is a great book for adults with a yearning for adventure and history of the Great North. The true romance of Frontier North is vividly portrayed in this book."

-Kathleen Kanzler

"Leonhard Seppala triumphed in an unforgiving wilderness because of his confidence in the love and strenth of his team. In a world of plastic and steel it seems impossible to connect to a recending time of leather, rawhide, and wool, but remember the psirit of racing was distilled in the dogs that he cherished. They have been loved and guarded by generations of men and women like Seppala, Seeley, Demidoff, and innumerable Chukchi Eskimos before them. "
-Janis Church.

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