The Total GSD

The Total German Shepherd Dog

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by Fred Lanting , 360 pages softbound, 8.5 x 11", $50 + $5 s&h ($15 outside US). "It should be part of any personal library on the canine." -Erich Renner. "This book has a unique ability to appeal both to the novice and veteran dog owner, something that is very rare in any dog book." -Cheryl Carlson. This book is the expanded and enlarged second edition, and a must for every GSD lover's library.
Chapters include History and Origins, Modern Bloodlines, The Standard, Anatomy, The German Shepherd in Motion, Shows, Showing, and Training, The Winners, Nutrition and Feeding, General Care and Information, Health and First Aid, Parasites and Immunity, Diseases and Disorders, The Geriatric German Shepherd, Breeding, Basics of Genetics, Reproduction, Whelping, The First Three Weeks, Four to Twelve Weeks, Trouble-shooting Guide.