The Akita Museum

Am. Can. Ch. Aki-Lin Book's Bounty of Big-O

Ch. Asa Taiyo's Lone Star Lawman
Ch. Classic's Sugar and Spice
Ch. Chereed's Quantum Leap CD, CGC, ROM
Ch. E Oka's BigSon's Shadow

Ch. E Oka's Windwalker Bear Shadow
Ch. Hara Sushi Hariken RNR

Ch. Hyozan Asa Taiyo Im a Tigrtoo
Imperial Haley's HotMetal CD TT

Ch. Island's Spitfire 'N Speedgun CGC
Jeske's Samuri Kato Bear CD CGC TDI VCC

Ch. Kiki's Magic Bear

Ch. Maho's Fatal Beauty Toshimi
Ch. MajikSun's First Contact

Ch. Mariah's Valiant Crusader
Ch. Mito's Mugshot

Ch. Mito's Quiet Expression RNR
Ch. Mito's Zomething Different
Ch. Moonlight's Big Duke of Youtoo

Ch. Moonlight's Dirty White Boy
Ch. Moonlight's Duke of Passion
Ch. Moonlight's Flames of Scarlet

Ch. Moonlight's Indian Outlaw
Ch. Moonlight's Kahn of Silver Star

Ch. Moonlight's Magical Challenge
Ch. Moonlight's Pride Rock Nala

Ch. Moonlight's Que
Ch. Moonlight's Rafferty

Ch. Moonlight's Xena of Silver Star
Ch. NorthStar's Crime of Passion ROM
Ch. Opr Mongo Go
Ch. RNR Tornado Alley's Dewkita CD
Ch. Royal's Dirty Paula-Tics
Ch. Sanmark Obake Samurai-Go

Serenity-Stardust Hart n' Soul CD CGC
Ch. Shopan's Miss Demeanor
Spitfire's Dreamkeeper CGC
Ch. Spitfire's Ming The Merciless
Ch. Stonecreek's Riko Na Kuma
Ch. Summit's Die Hard
Ch. Summit's Honey Bear
Ch. Teton's Diamond In The Ruff

Ch. Tiger's Eye All That Jazz CD TT CGC
Ch. Tiger's Eye Taylor Made Keje TT CGC

Ch. Timbersky's Moonlight Desire
Ch. Windwalker's Circle of Life
Ch. Windwalker O'PR Kodiak E Oka

Ch. Windwalker's Red Dawn E Oka CGC
Ch. Yezo's Fort Apache "Max" CGC

The Akita Museum

THE AKITA MUSEUM is a collection of photos of Akita champions and title-holders with 3-generation pedigrees, arranged alphabetically.
If you would like your Akita to be included (this is a free service), just send us:

1. 1 photo (preferably color, this will be returned). We do not accept electronic files.
2. a 3-generation pedigree.
3. breeder and owner of record.
4. date of birth and death (if known).
5. indicate whether dog or bitch
The photo may be used for the publication of a book of Akita champions or other such use as The Museum deems appropriate in addition to being electronically published on the World Wide Web. Sender hereby warrants that they have the rights to the photo being sent.

The Akita Museum