The Siberian Husky Museum

Ch. Alcinta's Huricane Brimstone

Ch. Allidan's Louisville Slugger
Ch. Avalanch's Cordon Bleu
Ch. Brenlar's Hearts of Fancie CGC

Ch. Brenlar's Nebulus Nach-Tu
Ch. Brenlar's Silistrian Fancie
Ch. Cadohi's Red October
Can. Ch. Cardium's Cinful Cinnibar

Am. Can. Intl. Ch. Carja's Rainmaker O'Brenlar
Am. Can. Ch. Cherskiy's Nachodka O'Brenlar
Ch. Colden's Demolition Murphy
Ch. Colden's Joan Jet

Ch. Colden's Julie Jet

Am. Can. Ch. Dreamakr of the Midnight Sun
Am. Can. Ch. Ginger Blu Sundrifter
Pol. Ch. Gita Sumici Kridla

Ch. Grawyn's Dark Shadows
Ch. Grawyn's Fuzz Buster
Ch. Grawyn's Poltergeist

Ch. Grawyn's Simply Irresistible
Ch. Huricanes Gin Fizz

Ch. Huricanes Sparkling Sherry
Ch. Innisfree's Colden Fly-Boy
Ch. Karnovanda's Maximilian
Ch. Land-O-Sun's Lasting Impression

Ch. Lykos' Nova of Vonya
Ch. Marionhill's Starr Player
Ch. Meja's Confederate Gray

Am. Can. Ch. Pair-A-Dice Christmas Magic
Ch. Pair-A-Dice's Magical Cloud
Ch. Pair-A-Dice's Sweet 'N Sassy

R and R's Spiridon CGC, Am/Can CD

Ch. Rockland's Center Stage
Ch. Rockland's Gamble on a Star
Ch. Rockland's Starr Attraction
Ch. Rockland's Starrburst
Ch. Royal Star By Any Other Name
Ch. Royal Star's Almost An Angel

Ch. Royal Star's Amok Time
Ch. Royal Star's Kick A Little

Ch. Royal Star's Little Nikita
Ch. Royal Star's Magic Marker
Ch. Roy'l Star's Return T'Tomorrow
Ch. Roy'l Star's T'morrow Is Y'strdy

Can. Ch. Scimitara's That's Mai Style
Can. Ch. Shapali's Deiter Declaration
Can. Ch. Shapali's Diversified Division

Can. Ch. Shapali's Espree of Essence
Can. Ch. Shapali's Fanatical Flirtation
Can. Ch. Shapali's Firestarter In Flite
Can. Ch. Shapali's Giv An Inch Go Miles

Can. Ch. Shapali's Igloo Illusion
Can. Ch. Shapali's Impulsive Poison Ivy

Can. Ch. Shapali's Ingrigued By Shanda
Can. Ch. Shapali's Invitation To Indaba

Can. Ch. Shapali's Lonesome Lady Bailey
Can. Ch. Shapali's No Fear Ferguson

Can. Ch. Silistra's Shiloh O'Brenlar
Ch. Silistra's Starbuck O'Brenlar
Am. Can. Intl. Ch. Stormwarning Calm B4 The Storm

Am. Can. Ch. Tasman's Kulak of SilverWind's
Can. Ch. Tobotuk's Bluebelle On Ice

Can Ch. Tobotuk's Boomerang Shapali
Am. Can. Ch. Trepak's Air Express

The Siberian Husky Museum

THE SIBERIAN HUSKY MUSEUM is a collection of photos of Siberian champions and title-holders with 3-generation pedigrees, arranged alphabetically.
If you would like your Siberian included (this is a free service), just send us:

1. 1 photo (preferably color, this will be returned). We do not accept electronic files.
2. a 3-generation pedigree.
3. breeder and owner of record.
4. date of birth and death (if known).
5. indicate whether dog or bitch
The photo may be used for the publication of a book of Siberian champions or other such use as The Museum deems appropriate in addition to being electronically published on the World Wide Web. Sender hereby warrants that they have the rights to the photo being sent.

The Siberian Husky Museum